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April/May 2013 a doctor did a 1-10 questions with my mother,at

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April/May 2013 a doctor did a 1-10 questions with my mother,at her home, i believe to determine if she had mental health issue,dementia' -following this she was admitted to hospital for a perforated bowel' emergency operation,and has declined in health since, now in a home, I have been asked to get a review of her mental state and also to have a report as to her state of mind/health back in may 2013, is this possible? can someone diagnose the condition of someone almost 1 year prior? kay
Thank you for your question:

Who has asked you to get this report?

Who was to prepare this report?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

issues relating to finance and property, social services involved and appointed a solicitor to act on behalf of my mother,who are trying to obtain the finance and property, although i do have L.P.A.. hence this matter has been taken to court and the judge has asked that we obtain a written medical report as to ' state of mind' today- and what it would have been back in may 2013. I have been instructed to obtain this and i am not sure who to approach. how can someone make this decision if they have never had any contact or knowledge of this person,my mother, and not aware of her health and previous background. when 'rushed into hospital' she was very ill' and spent 9 days in icu. prior to this she lived alone, did most things for herself.if her doctor had done a home'test should a report not be available for us to view, and can he do one of these test without a third party being present. I dont believe he actually went into my mothers home to do this test''

OK, thank you for this additional information.

From a medical perspective (as I can not give you a legal perspective or opinion), such a report could be written based on the recollections and reivew of the medical records by the physician (or physicians) who examined her back in 2013. Her GP or any consultants who treated her around this time would be the best sources of such a report (or reports).
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

we have been instructed to get outside experienced' dementia report not the one done by her doctor, is it possible for such a person to determine her state of mind almost 1 year ago as to her condition today??

Unfortunately, someone who did not examine her would not be able to base any such "report" on anything other than hearsay - history and observation reported from family, friends and others with whom she had interacted.

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