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Dr. Das, MD
Dr. Das, MD, Doctor
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my left arm feels weaker and i have tingling feeling in ends

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my left arm feels weaker and i have tingling feeling in ends of my fingers

Welcome and thank you for your question. Can I have more details please?

- Since when have you had the weakness of the hands and tingling of the fingers?

- Does the weakness or tingling increase when you lie down?

- What is your blood pressure? have you had a ECG in the last one year?

- Do you have a backache?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

- 2 weeks

- no

- 150/100 (higher than noraml i took it this am)

- yes top of my left shoulder sore - but deep tissue pain

Thanl you for the added information.

Tingling is generally a sign of compression of a nerve - the compression causes mild irritation and inflammation of the nerve causing the tingling sensation to occur in the areas it supplies.

Weakness is also a symptom of a weak or compressed nerve.

in your case, although your Bp is high, it is more likely that the symptoms are due to compression of the nerves arising from the spinal cordin the neck or upper shoulder region. This can occur due to pressure by a taut muscle or ligament or due to a herniated spinal disc or due to arthritis of the spinal bones pressing on the nerve at the point of origin at the spinal cord.

This will also cause a deep pain in the shoulder or upper back.

Please consult your doctor - you need an MRI of the upper spine.

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