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Skin on my face my cheeks keeps going red and inflamed. It

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Skin on my face my cheeks keeps going red and inflamed. It feels hot and then feels like the cheek is burning. Sometimes it starts to itch first then goes red and then starts to sting and then calms down. Heat, spicy food, hot water makes it worse. The cheek also looks as if it swollen like a slight bump on their all the time. There appears to be a scar forming a bit like a stripe on the cheek. Have used zineryt with erthyromin antibiotics for about 12 months then came off them a year later symptoms have appeared again on the cheek. My chin has a constant red rash which comes and goes during the day. cannot use normal moisturiser on it as it flares up. dermatologist said he cannot figure out what it is he said it is not rosacea and cannot diagnose what it is even when I have shown him because the face isn't constantly red even though I keep telling him my cheek feels as if it is burning. Please advise. Thank you
I advise that you have a sample sent to the lab

Has this been done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No sample of what? I have had blood tests two weeks ago and about 10 months ago nothing come up abnormal doctor said.

A small sample of skin from the face for biopsy.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

How do I do that where do I go to have that done?

The dermatologist can to it, say from the chin.

What you describe sounds like rosacea.
You have not had metrogel, which is a completely different antibiotic, a cream, than you have had.

I would try this first.

If no results, a small sample sent to the lab which will help identify if this is
autoimmune disease
rare skin condition

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thanks but I cant understand why my dermatologist hasn't even suggested this. I have had allergy skin tests and they came up that I am allergic to nickel and nothing else. I have taken spirolactone tablets for 12 months as my hair is falling out as well my scalp is itching most of the time. The dermatologist said I had slightly high testestorone levels which could cause hair to fall out. Currently I am taking no medication at all and the dermatologist wants to see me again in September. Should I discharge myself as everytime I go to see dermatologist he says that he cannot see that my skin is red even though I am saying it might not be red during the appointement but it is constantly stinging/burning underneath the skin their is a slight bump as well on the cheek but dermatologist refuses to accept there is anything there. I am so stressed my normal gp said he cannot prescribe anything while I am under the care of the dermatologist!

I can not second guess your dermatologist or tell you why he has not suggested what I suggest.

To answer your question, there is nothing wrong with seeing another dermatologist.

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