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Ken, Postgraduate doctor
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Hello. How likely is it that I could suffer mercury poisoning

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Hello. How likely is it that I could suffer mercury poisoning after years of eating fish (tuna, salmon) 2 - 3 times A DAY (not just a week) for about 3 years now? I suffer with poor overall health: severe ringing in the ears, tremors, fatigue, clustery headaches, muscle and joint pain, twitching left eye, insomnia, difficulty breathing, and worst of all, totally out of character irritability, anxiety, panic attacks and shyness.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

Were any other investigations done apart from MRI Brain? Do you any diagnosed medical condition?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hello Dr. Ken,

No other investigations were done. The neurologist told me I might just have a sensitive ear. The MRI came back clear.

I am on 12,5mg of Atenolol a day. I have no thyroid left and am on 125mgr of Levothyroxine a day.

When I had a follow-up scan (MRI, had two), a kidney test came back ok-ish, but with potassium level at 6. After chatting with the Radiographer when he prepped me for contrast agent, he warned me of mercury overdose.

After more research, I found I have a lot of the symptoms connected with mercury poisoning.

It might seem odd, but I really ate that much fish daily until last week.


Thank you for additional information.

I do understand your anxiety.

I would not think of mercury poising after these many years. I would rather consider more common causes - Abnormality at the middle or inner ear {CT scan for temporal bones is needed, MRI does not help}. Other causes like - low thyroid level {you need to get the thyroid levels checked and may be increase the dose if needed}/ Anemia, vitamin deficiency/ psychological issues {depression or anxiety}.

Next step - A physical evaluation {Internist is preferred - one who specializes in all the systems of the body} along with few investigations {as mentioned above} would give us more answers.

Till than - have balanced diet, adequate fluid/ avoid alcohol, smoking/ lose excess weight if any, exercise regularly/ stay away from stress or anxiety {Yoga, meditation help}.

Wish you well.

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