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Dear Doctor, We may need your kind advise on Hepatology. My

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Dear Doctor,
We may need your kind advise on Hepatology.
My wife 30 years old, 5 month pregnant, is found HB S AG +ve (Result 1459.06)during serology blood testing.
Further tests have been done and results are as follows:
HBeAg 0.37S/COI (Non Reactive)
Anti HBe 0.020S/COI (Reactive) L
Anti HBc 12.78S/CO (Reactive) H
IgM Anti HBC 0.08 (Non Reactive)
Kindly advise what treatment she needs to do?
What precaution we need to pay attention?
Can she take medicine or vaccine?
Will the virus be transmitted to the baby?
Need the husband to do blood test and take vaccine?Thanks very much
Is she having any symptoms?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.


She is not having any symptoms.



Thank you for the additional information.

If she is having no current symptoms, then there typically would not need to be any current treatment. Most cases of hepatitis B will resolve spontaneously. It is only the people with chronic infection that does not resolve spontaneously that may require treatment.

The primary interventions that are necessary in this clinical situation are a couple of shots that need to be given to the baby quickly after birth. The time at which transmission to the baby may occur is during childbirth, and injections of hepatitis immune globulin (antibodies to the virus) and the first dose of the hepatitis vaccine administered within hours of delivery will prevent transmission in the vast majority of babies. There will also need to be additional injections of the vaccine subsequently, as several injections are needed for complete immunity.

There is no need to provide the vaccine to the mother, as she will develop immunity in response to the infection. She should be monitored regarding whether the infection resolves spontaneously, and if she develops a chronic infection, it may be treated after the pregnancy.

It is appropriate to check the hepatitis blood tests in the husband and household contacts. If not infected or already immune, the husband and household contacts should be vaccinated.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let me know.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks a lot, Doctor.

BTW, her liver function is tested all well.

Based on all those data, could you determine if she is chronically infected or there is other interpretations.



This pattern of lab tests can be seen during acute infections or chronic carriers. Since most infections resolve spontaneously, it is statistically more likely to be an acute infection than a chronic carrier, but only time and ongoing monitoring will say which is definitely true for her.

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