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i was walking normaly untill 13th may 2013 when i had an

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i was walking normaly untill 13th may 2013 when i had an operation for femoral hernia gradually since then i have had a problem walking and now have to use 2 walking sticks to get around . I saw a back surgeon who gave me a mrii scan which he said was ok except for some degenerative wear on lower spine . I also saw a orthopedic surgeon who did monovisc injection why has it got so bad after the operation
Thank you for your question: Some additional information will help me answer your question:

Why are you having trouble walking - pain (if so where), weakness, dizziness etc?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

generally lacking energy and night time problem with left leg pian and stifness in left calf which my doctor was sciatica which was why i had the mri scan with ok result

There are a number of things that could potentially cause the "lacking energy" including thyroid problems, anemia (low hemoglobin level), vitamin deficiencies to name a few.

This could represent a neurologic issue (problems with nerve impulse transmission) or even arthritis. A negative MRI is good news - this suggest that there is no need for surgery to treat this problem, however it does not mean that there is "nothing wrong" - which sometimes people assume.

I would speak with your GP about your continued symptoms. An evaluation by a neurologist (who may feel that a nerve conduction study may be helpful) and/or a rheumatologist (arthritis specialist). A general physical examination and if necessary some blood tests for thyroid, blood count and markers for arthritis may also be appropriate.
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