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i have erectile dysfunction anrestr inted cannot reach a

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i have erectile dysfunction anrestr inted cannot reach a climax even when i try to masturbate. i am 68 years of age and 13 years ago had cirrohsis followed by encephelopthy i had no trouble followin this esp if i took viagra 3 and 1/2 years ago i had a stroke mainly to the brain area but am more or less ok now but since then my problems have got really bad. At present I try penile injections which cost a lot My wife has now lost interest in our sex life which was once fairly active Any suggestions? phil busby
What evaluation has been done for these symptoms?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

none really I get told by the G.P that due to my illnesses i may have permanently lost the ability. i have tried a visit to my local hospital therapist but i am afraid that i am unaffected by talking remedies

Thank you for the additional information.

It certainly is true that one of the underlying conditions that can cause these symptoms is a stroke, and like other symptoms of a stroke, there is little that can be done to directly correct it. And the fact that your symptoms got bad after the stroke supports that the stroke is the cause.

However, it is also reasonable to consider other possible causes of these symptoms, as it is possible that there are multiple factors contributing to the symptoms and that some of these factors may be medical problems that existed before the stroke. This other condition may have been mild, so not enough to cause these symptoms at that level of severity, but when combined with the stroke, the two conditions together are causing the symptoms.

Statistically, it is more likely that it is the stroke alone, but it is reasonable to at least consider other conditions that are potentially treatable, such as certain hormonal conditions, such as low testosterone levels or thyroid disease.

The other option to consider to help achieve orgasm is cabergoline. This medicine has been used for years to treat a hormonal problem of an elevated level of prolactin, but has also had some limited studies to help men achieve orgasm when a man has difficulty achieving orgasm. The medicines that you have been using may help the man achieve an erection, but they typically do not help the man achieve erection. The studies of cabergoline are preliminary at this point, but it has some promise for a problem for which we don't really have any other options.

If you need any clarification, please let me know.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

what is cabergoline phil

It is a medicine that acts like a brain chemical, dopamine and stimulates the dopamine receptor. As noted above, it is originally developed and used for elevated levels of prolactin, but there has been some small studies that suggest that it may help men that have difficulty achieving orgasm.