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My colleague, Mr. Ray Digweed, 53 St. Giles Close, Maldon,

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My colleague, Mr. Ray Digweed, 53 St. Giles Close, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6HU aged 70 had a suspected minor stroke on 14th March, 2014 and was taken by ambulance to Broomfield Hospital where he received treatment for a few days and was then discharged. He is now lying on his bed with severe stomach pains and constipation and is apparently only able to go to the toilet in this position i.e. on towels. I can only contact him by phone and he has explained this situation to me. I therefore feel that I must try to assist him in some way as his situation appears to be horrendous. Is there any way that he can be contacted by a doctor or nurse, even by phone, to help him in this situation? Although it might not appear to be this is a genuine enquiry. My name isXXXXXXXXXX Maldon, CM9 6JQ
The only way is to call the emergency squad to go see him.
Contact emergency services and let them know.
He needs to be transported to A&E at this point.
Given his history of ischemia, this could be quite serious...ischemic bowel for example, which is life threatening.

This is not a situation to wait for a doctor, but to go to a doctor, immediately.

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