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Hi, I have a cluster of Skin Tags on my Banjo String (small

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Hi, I have a cluster of Skin Tags on my 'Banjo String' (small piece of skin that connects the end of the penis to the rest of it). These skin tags have been there for around 2 years now, very slowly growing in size, but still not at an unmanageable size. They became sore sometimes after prolonged intercourse, or particularly hard sex... but the soreness usually disappeared again after a day at the most.

I am in a fairly new relationship with a partner at the moment, and sex is very frequent, particularly at the moment as we are on holiday together, after 4 days of sex (sometimes a few times a day) my skin tags have now become very sore... This morning in the shower, it was painful to pull back my foreskin to clean as normal (i am uncircumcised)...

I am sure the soreness will disappear if I 'rest' the penis for a day or two, but having to tell her we can't have sex because will be a little embarrassing... Can you recommend anything in the short term? To relieve the soreness? Any creams or anything? obviously i know in the long term, to avoid this happening again, I will have to look at getting them removed...

Many Thanks in advance,
Hi. Sounds like you've developed what's called balanitis--a yeast infection and not an STD. For the time being you can try clortrimazole cream which is over the counter. Use it three times a day and for the soreness you can apply a lidocaine-containing cream or spray. That should clear it in a few days but if it doesn't you'll need prescription ketoconazole cream from a doctor.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

HUH? So i've had that for two years? And they aren't skin tags? WIll the creams cause any irritation?

No--I wasn't referring to the tags themselves but the pain and the difficulty retracting your foreskin and what sounds like more severe inflammation Aaron. Usually skin tags just get a little irritated from time to time but not like what you're describing now. No, the creams won't irritate things or make this worse
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ahhh, i see... The thing is, th pain is concentrated to the area I have the skin tags, and it definitely seems to be an irritation on the skin tags, and the skin in which the skin tags sit on... (the frenulum)... Ive always had a tight frenulum, not so much as to restrict the retraction of foreskin from over the gland, but enough to be noticeable when foreskin is pulled back to its maximum (the head of the penis points down when foreskin is completely pulled back to its maximum, due to the tightness of the frenulum, however foreskin is never pulled back thus far during intercourse)... So i think it may be a combination of the irritated skin tags being attached to the tight frenulum... it certainly feels that way, as that is where the pain and soreness is exclusively isolated

OK--I understand Aaron. Still I think both the clortrimazole and the lidocaine will help greatly for now. If it isn't too much of an imposition you can also help things by using a condom. What I'm saying here is that at least this time things are a bit different and it's not just the usually irritation of the tags. With the creams things may be fine in a day or two but if this persists you'd need to see a doctor about it
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok Doc, i will rate you well in a moment, and you will receive the credits... basic over the counter branded clortimazole cream is caneston yes?


Also, I'm pretty sure i can't buy OTC Lidocaine cream here in Germany... Frown



Yes Aaron--canesten is the same. Ask a pharmacist about lidocaine or benzocaine sprays and cream--I'm fairly certain they must be available over the counter in Germany. Let me know for sure how it goes--OK?
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