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Chronic nausea after food poisoning/stress - 3months

Customer Question

On the 24th Dec 2013 I had food poisoning. Around this time, I was also under mass amounts of stress - I felt suicidal for a couple of days. My nausea never went away and I went to the doctors and was prescribed omeprazole. I thought I had 'acid reflux' but really I just felt very sick. 3 months on, my stress and anxiety has disappeared yet my nausea has not. I'm still taking omeprazole, and I had some chocolate yesterday for the first time in a while - and later that night and today I felt very sick. Even when my diet does not include acidic fruits, chocolate, alcohol etc I feel nausea first thing in the morning, and when I lie down. I'm not getting heartburn, or acid reflux, I just feel sick. Do you understand this? And know how to combat this problem? Thank you. My H Pylori blood tests came back negative too.

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical