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I had an bio-ocotecotomy when I was young, The doctors put

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I had an bio-ocotecotomy when I was young, The doctors put me on Mythal-Testostarone 25mg 8times per day. I took these for many years. And when I finished serving in the forces I went to stay in Cyprus I was percribed this kind of drug in injection for Mythol - Testosterone 250mg as i took for many years at 1 injection per month, The Cypriot Goverment took them off the shelve so I was unable to use this drug. As time as gone on I have been using herbal drugs to have sex but its not the same,. And now I am 60 years old my sex life is non-excistant I met a person who has said it would be possable to get the injection for from another as I have not taken for a few years would there be any harm or could you recommend another so I could have my sex life back and I still feel as I am missing something
It will help if you could provide some clarification:
I assume that you mean that you had a bilateral orchiectomy, the removal of both testicles, correct?
You are asking whether there is any risk associated with testosterone replacement, correct?
But you are not asking what would be available in Cyprus, correct?
I don't have any method for knowing what would be available in Cyprus, but I can discuss the potential side effects to testosterone replacement.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes i had a bilatral orchiectomy when I was young, my testicales would not go down so the doctor removed them, I also had breast removals due to high hormone count. Yes is there any danger to go back on to Mythol - Testosterone injections . This drug is not available in Cyprus now. And if its not advisable to go back on this drug at the age of 60, what drug could you advice to take as I do not have a sex life at present

Very good. I will be glad to assist you.

The risks involved with methyl-testosterone are the same as any form of testosterone replacement. Saying that there are risks is not the same as saying whether it is or is not advisable. In every case, there needs to be an assessment of the potential benefit and potential risks of testosterone replacement to decide whether it is advisable. Typically, men that are having more symptoms related to testosterone deficiency will potentially gain greater benefit, so will usually outweighs the potential risks, but it needs to be an individual decision.

The most worrisome risks of testosterone replacement are primarily related to the known role of testosterone. Testosterone replacement appears to increase the risk for heart attacks 2-3 fold. We have long known that being male is a risk factor for heart disease and testosterone is likely the primary reason for that risk, so it is logical that men with testosterone deficiency would have a lower heart attack risk, and replacing the testosterone levels to normal will increase the heart attack risk. Testosterone replacement also may promote growth of the prostate, so may cause the prostate to be enlarged to the point that it causes difficulty in passing urine. Prostate cancer also may grow faster in the presence of testosterone. Again, we have long known that testosterone is a factor in benign enlargement of the prostate and prostate cancer. Treatments for each of these conditions involve medicines that block the normal amounts of testosterone and a bilateral orchiectomy is one of the options for treatment of advanced prostate cancer. There is no solid evidence that prostate cancer is more common in men taking testosterone replacement, but it is logical that it will grow faster in men on testosterone replacement.

Some people may argue that these risks are only taking the man to the level of risk that is associated with being male, since the goal of testosterone replacement is to achieve a normal amount of testosterone, but there clearly is a risk compared to men that do not decide on testosterone replacement.

As noted above, there needs to be a judgement of the balance of potential benefit and potential risks. Your doctor can help you identify any other risk factors that are present for heart or prostate disease that also may impact the relative risk for these problems. Most men would rather have a healthy sex life and accept these risks, particularly if the impact on their sexual life is greater, but each man may make different decisions based on what is most important to him.

As for other options, there is some evidence that Viagra and Cialis can help erectile dysfunction associated with testosterone deficiency, at least for some men. It does not work for every man in this situation, but it is an option for consideration. The Viagra and Cialis does not directly help improve the libido in the same way as testosterone replacement, but improving erectile dysfunction may indirectly help libido.

If you have any further questions or need clarification, please let me know.

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