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Hi I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past and have

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Hi I have suffered anxiety and depression in the past and have taken lots of advise and various therapies which have helped me greatly. I also have a strong faith which has helped enormously. I work full time and have never missed time because of it. However when things go wrong in the family and we gave had a share of crosses, I invariably get hyper anxious for a while though I try various relaxation exercises. I think it's my nature and difficult to overcome. I stress that I deal with most things well enough now having spent years of suffering. I also take low dose of zispin at night but at various times I need Xanax or Valium for short term use up to a month or so. It's becoming increasing difficult to get doctors to prescribe same at the present time and I can understand how it was abused in the past. This makes me more stressed knowing I can't get it though I have never abused it or taken it excessively. Is there any answer to this as right now I need something to calm me down and get on with my life. Knowing I had it helps in itself. I feel like a drug addict asking for it though I am a respectable law abiding citizen. Can you offer any advice as I can understand how people attempt to buy it on the internet though I would never trust the sources of such medicines.
Buying such medicines on the internet in the US is a felony.
So you are correct not to consider this.

The types of medicines you are talking about are not indicated for the long term treatment of your condition.

What stands out in your story is no formal therapy, is that correct?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I did have therapy in the past for 2 yrs and attended a counsellor for a further 3 yrs. then I felt I didn't need it anymore. The anxiety I'm feeling now is due to illness of partner and problem with sons employment plus a few other minor things. I know if I got a months supply of Xanax or Valium that it would help as by then I would be able to cope with the problems. Thanks for your advice.
I am not sure what your question is at this point?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What I'm asking is can I get just one months supply of aforementioned medicine from a doctor without been made feel almost like a criminal to be asking for it. I know my own triggers and something's happen without prior warning and I need something short term to help me through these difficult times. As I said before I don't need them long term but having them in the house gives me a sense of security to get through difficult times. My GP will only give me very small dosage of Lexotan for few days at any given time. What can I do
Yes if you see a specialist, for example, a psychiatrist will be more comfortable in prescribing these for up to 6 weeks
Is that what you are asking?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes that's what I need right now and for next few weeks. However when I go to psychiatrist you're made feel like second rate citizen for asking. It's all about long term therapy which is fine but sometimes I need something to calm the severe anxiety in the short term. Being honest at times I've felt like sourcing medicine on the internet but scared in case it's not of good quality or it's potential side affects. I am a very private person and find it difficult to talk about these fears to anyone even those I'm close to. If I had the some Valium or Xanax at hand when chronic anxiety hits, I would feel so much safer. Nobody but a sufferer can fully understand this. No two people are the same so same treatment for all won't work either.
What is your question for me at this point.
I understand the situation.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Is it feasible for me to go to a psychiatrist and ask for a 6 weeks supply of Xanax or similar medicine.? Can you recommend any other medicine useful to calm short term chronic anxiety. I presume you are in the USA but I live in Ireland.any other advice would be welcome.
It is not feasible to do anything else but go to a doctor that will understand your situation.

To further answer this question, it is feasible if you allow the doctor to treat you appropriately, and not simply ask for the med you want, which makes you look like a drug seeker, potentially.

However, it is perfectly legitamate to say
you need something short term
you are willing to have therapy for long term treatment
you are willing to have other therapy as indicated
and that xanax is what has worked for you short term in the past.

That is what I would suggest as far as an approach.

I would also suggest that , evidence based wise, cognitive behavioral therapy is as effective as xanax and/or SSRI medications in many cases.

Use reply to let me know if you have further questions [click reply to expert].
Please do not forget a positive rating [hopefully you will click an excellent; or come back to ask me more as needed].
I am really not sure why you would give a negative rating.

The answer is correct, and I think very good advice.

You appear to be concerned that doctors will look askance if you ask for a controlled substance for your anxiety...not so, if you present it as a cooperative endeavor, rather than something like "I just want xanax," which would raise a red flag.

I have a lot of experience with this, and know how my colleagues prefer to be approached.

However, although I have shared this with you in a forthright and honest fashion, you gave me a negative rating with JA and have seen to it that I am not paid for my time....and this is even though I invited you back to ask more as needed.....??
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Sorry I suppose I'm in a bad place at the moment and nothing seems to be right. Can I reverse that comment as I was unaware you wouldn't get paid. Please forgive me.
No problem
Simply click a positive rating on this post.
Then come back as needed.
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