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Dear Dr. My fiancé is 41 years old, he is a smoker, he smokes

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Dear Dr.

My fiancé is 41 years old, he is a smoker, he smokes 2 package per day, he was taking lexotanil for 3 month ago, daily, everyday when I noticed I asked him to stopped it, and he did 2 weeks ago he stopped it one time,i didn't notice that it should be stopped by steps ,he stopped it without taking it at all,3 days ago he had very high blood pressure and he was taken to the hospital, the dr. blame him for stopping the medicine in that way,
I need to know what are the side effects for that medicine as it was stopped one time,and does it makes any bad effects .
Although he just make some blood test and found that he had cholesterol is that was caused form the medicine itself .
The dr. asked him to take the medicine back and stopped it by steps in additional to the medicine Bisoprolol Furmarat 5mg .

I feel so guilty cause I asked him to stopped in that way and I need to know what are the side effects that will caused from stopping it one time
It will help if you could provide some clarification:
Are you asking whether there is any long-term adverse effect of the episode of stopping the lexotanil?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes and I want to know cause he stopped it one time does this make side effect cause he stopped it and now he has cholesterol is that cause he was taking that medicine and he stopped it one time so the cholesterol comes hight and would this Cause diabetes by time and the medicine he is taking now dr asked him to take bisoprolol fumarate 5 mgdoes and what about the high pressure that was caused 3 days ago does this will happen again

Stopping the lexotanil may cause significant acute symptoms, and may cause high blood pressure during the acute withdrawal period, but stopping the lexotanil suddenly will not cause any long-term adverse effects. If he continues to have high blood pressure beyond the acute withdrawal episode, it is because he has high blood pressure, not because he suddenly stopped the drug.

Acute withdrawal from the lexotanil certainly can increase the blood pressure, but the resumption of the lexotanil and performing a gradual taper will take care of that issue. During the acute withdrawal period, there are potentially other adverse effects that can occur with suddenly stopping the drug, such as seizures, but the gradual taper will also avoid these problems.

The lexotanil is usually prescribed for anxiety, and untreated anxiety can contribute to high blood pressure, but that would be true regardless of whether he suddenly stopped the lexotanil.

Neither taking the lexotanil or suddenly stopping the lexotanil will cause or contribute to high cholesterol or diabetes.

Therefore, there is no reason to be concerned that there may be any long-term adverse consequence to his suddenly stopping the drug. The acute symptoms of increase in blood pressure will be managed by resuming the drug and performing a gradual taper.

If you need any clarification, please let me know.

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