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I have been told I have lymphadeoma primary, I was told 18

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I have been told I have lymphadeoma primary, I was told 18 months ago and am now 48 years old. I have been very tired for quite a while and flat in my mood. My weight has gone up by 1 stone in the last year so at 5st 3" lady I am now 10 stone 7lb.
My feet are very swollen, along with my abdomen being the pregnant look. Friday night I had about 4 glasses of rose wine and am still suffering today with huge feet and swollen tummy. Is this linked and could this be a problem with my liver?
Hi--do you have any other medical conditions and have you had things like liver blood tests, thyroid function tests and a CBC recently?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No I have had no tests but although heat will swell me up it appears that after drinking socially which is no more than once or twice a month, I swell up and feel rough after wine. Is this linked to my liver?
OK Michelle. Yes this could be linked to your liver, but it could also be a kidney problem or a thyroid problem. It might even be congestive heart failure. I can't say exactly what the problem is but you need to see your doctor right away for an exam, blood work, and maybe a ct scan of the abdomen.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thankyou but that is quite vague. Are my symptoms typical of health condition to be concerned about as my lfeet and stomach are always swollen, just got a lot worse with the alcohol Friday night. Which is the more likely strained organ and is a blood test going to show anything or has it got to be a ct scan?
Sorry if it seemed vague but all I can do here is take your symptoms and give you what's called the differential diagnosis list. Yes, these are serious symptoms and if none of that has been evaluated before now, it does now. Since this latest situation seemed to be linked to alcohol, I'd say the most likely organ problem is your liver and the blood work will look for elevated liver enzymes and the ct scan will evaluate your live for enlargement and possible cirrhosis.
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