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My Mum suffers with a balance problem which makes her legs

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My Mum suffers with a balance problem which makes her legs feel like jelly and a sensation
In her head sometimes leading to a head ache. The balance problem started 12 years ago we saw a Neurologist who checked her over and said he couldn't find anything seriously wrong with her and prescribed cinnzarazine which she took for years thinking they helped. A year and half ago the problem got worse and we had e doctor out, who thought it was a sinus problem so we an X-ray and antibiotics but everything was ok. We then went to a Neurologist who was certain she had had a stroke, but after a scan was found incorrect but did show up some old damage. Mum has also had her heart checked out and all is ok. Our Doctor thinks the symptoms are possibly caused by the old damage shown up on the scan. The symptoms seem to have got worse lately so we went to the doctor and got some cinnzarzine which she had stopped taking because the Neurologist said not to bother and we thought it was worth a go but they have not helped. Ears have also been checked out although she is deaf in one and partial hearing in the other they are ok.

Mum describes her symptoms as 'Not' dizzy, but off balance legs like jelly and a sensation in her head (made worse by travelling in a car). We have had everything checked out without any progress. Any ideas please
Hi. Sorry to hear about your mum. Is this a constant problem for her?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes it is, but it does vary daily and certainly worse after a trip in the car.
Sometimes if she turns round to quickly or leans forward the symptoms are brought on. She just has to sit down and gradually the symptoms go
Kim--has she been checked for vitamin B12 deficiency? Has she had an MRI of her spine?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Not sure she has been checked for B12 but interestingly enough I've wondered about her spine because about 18 years ago she fractured her spine and also she has osteoporosis, could either of these cause these symptoms
Yes Kim--either one could and she needs both checked since this may just be a simple matter of giving her B12 injections. That said, she may have what's called spinal stenosis--narrowing of the canal that the spinal cord passes through. If that were the case, proper therapy with a physiatrist--a physical therapy and rehabilitation MD specialist--would help with that. Hope you can discuss all this with her doctor
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you that's great and gives us something else to investigate.
My pleasure Kim but let me know how it goes and please remember to rate my service to you