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Dr Basu
Dr Basu, Experienced Specialist
Category: Medical
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Experience:  MD
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Im really struggling at the moment, im convinced i have a brain

Customer Question

Im really struggling at the moment, im convinced i have a brain tumour. Im feeling very strange and just unreal "not there" like im so close to dying.

Please help to put my mind at rest or to see where need to go next?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 3 years ago.

Dr. D.J. :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

Dr. D.J. :

Hello, what symptoms are you having?

Dr. D.J. :

Do you have any dizziness, vomit? Headaches?

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Hello, i simply have a very spaced out unreal feeling. Its not really dizziness and i dont have headaches or vomiting
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : U there?
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Hello?
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Are you the dr?
Dr. D.J. :


JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Sorry for being inpatient
Dr. D.J. :

can u please describe to me more in detail about spaced out

Dr. D.J. :

Are you currently on any medications right now? Thanks

Dr. D.J. :

Also when was your last physical, did they check your blood levels, such as calcium , iron , etc.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Yes ill try its just so hard to describe. Its like im sitting on the sofa now but i feel really strange like im
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : just not with it. Its like nothing is real around me and im not real
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Im on sertraline but this feeling was there before i went on that
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : I have had bloods taken for iron, blood count, liver etc and were fine
Dr. D.J. :

Ok, have they changed the dosage of the medication recently?

Dr. D.J. :

of the sertraline

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : ive also had a light shined in my eye to check behind and nothing was there and ive had balance tests done which were fine
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : It went up from 50mg to 100mg about 3 weeks ago but ive felt like this for over 9 weeks
Dr. D.J. :

it sounds like it is more of possibly a side effect of the medication.. How long have you been on it for?

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Ive been on it about 7 weeks but i felt like this before i was put on it
Dr. D.J. :


JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Whats the possibility of a brain tumour or something serious?
Dr. D.J. :

very low

Dr. D.J. :

usually brain tumors will cause seizures, severe headache and symptoms gradually worsen over time.

Dr. D.J. :

They do not improve.

Dr. D.J. :

andthe symptoms you are experiencingare side effects of zoloft.

Dr. D.J. :

zoloft can intensify these symptoms.

Dr. D.J. :

Being said that, probably a brain scan should be considered which will also bring in peace of mind.

Dr. D.J. :

But your symptoms do not really point to brain tumor.

Dr. D.J. :

And zoloft dose should be reduced to 50 mg daily for now till you are able to tolerate it well.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Im just so convinced im dying its really scaring me
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : I know you said its a side effect of the meds but i struggle with that because i had it so bad before i started taking them. Thats the reason i was out on them
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : It
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : is there anything in your opinion i should be worrying about physically?
Dr. D.J. :

I will not worry about anything else physically.

Dr. D.J. :

Now there are other side effects of zoloft like headache, stomach upset but they should not be serious considerations.

Dr. D.J. :

Best wishes,

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Ive got non of those just the spaciness. What can i do to reduce the spaciness?
Dr. D.J. :

it will be better to switch to a different medication to reduce your spaciness.

Dr. D.J. :

You will benefit from Bupropion.

Dr. D.J. :

Bupropion is also an anti depressant but it also helps to improve mental focus and reduce spaciness.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : So do you think this is related to anxiety like my doctor says. Its unbelievable how not here i feel.
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Im struggling so so much
Dr. D.J. :

Yes I think so --also attention deficit problem.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : What is that? I can tell from attention deficit that it may mean something to do with keeping my attention
Dr. D.J. :

yes correct --you feel spacy --are not able to focus well to finish a task easily distracted.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Yeh i just feel so not here its like im nearly dead.
JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Do you think im going to die?
Dr. D.J. :

I hope my information and advice is helpful.

Dr. D.J. :


Dr. D.J. :

please advise with your physician what i have recommended.

Dr. D.J. :

Best wishes

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : I will im going tonight
Dr. D.J. :

ok good.

Dr. D.J. :

best wishes

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : just dont want to be stuck like this
Dr. D.J. :

i understand.

Dr. D.J. :

Please rate good, and accept if you are satisfied with my help.

JACUSTOMER-l5u2bsbb- : Yeh it is just wanted some reassurance it wasnt a brain tumour and i wasnt going to die
Dr. D.J. :

No this is not brain tumor and you will lead good life with above recommendations.