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For some reasons that I never understood the voice of my father

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For some reasons that I never understood the voice of my father irritates me considerably. It makes me feel a nervous sensation in my belly and it's like if a drill enters my head. I feel the impulse to hit my belly, to scratch any surfaces with my nails... I also feel the need to hurt my father.

All of this is in some ways mixed to sexual sensations. It happened many times that as my father talk I get the beginning of an orgasm or even ejaculations. As I don't want this to happen, the sensation is very unbearable.

On the other side if I try to have sex or masturbate, the idea or voice of my father come out and disturb my peace again. I don't feel free to live my sexual life. After I talk with my father, I need to forget sex for hours. The two things do not go easily together.

All this started happening to me when I was about 10 years old, after having had an homosexual relation with a friend. Before I never had the problem but since than the voice of my father started irritating me.

I tried to talk about this to my family but it's interpreted by them as jealousy or something else. They simply don't understand. So after the age of twenty I had lo leave my family and now I see my father very rarely. In spite of this, my father is still a big problem in living freely my sexual life.

I know that all this my seem crazy, but I'm a completely sane person. I have a good technical job and I had some incredible achievement as an artist.

Is there a scientific explanation for what is happening in my life? Is it true that this can be linked to autism? I would simply like to be free and have a normal sexual life like anyone else.
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Are you a homosexual?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No, absolutely not, I like girls a lot. Even If I like anal intercourse and this type of sex seems in some ways to worsen my problem with my father.

Was your father very strict about sex?

Do you feel guilty about sex?

There has to be a link there Davis?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

That's what I don't understand, because I never really talked about sex with my father. There is even a sort of tabu and he wouldn't talk of it with me.

I think that is the key right there Davis

It is a taboo. So there is an understood shame about it because he refused to talk about it or acknowledge

I think you were taught (whether overtly or not) to feel shame about sex

You equate shame with your father's voice.

Therefore, you hear his voice when you feel same

the key is within you. You have to stop feeling shame about it and I think the voice will go away

A sex therapist or even a regular therapist can help you with this.
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