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Can u inject an air bubble in someone I think iv been spiked

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Can u inject an air bubble in someone I think iv been spiked and passed out when I woke up someone had told me they injected something in me I'm really worry and a bruise has come up on my arm as we'll
Hi--I'm a little unclear as to what exactly happened to you--can you give me more information?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I think iv been spiked with truth serum with so much that I passed out when I woke up I was told that they had injected me with something I carnt remember to much about it all realy I am going to a and e to have a blood test to see if it was just more truth serum but I'm a little worried it may something worse can u give me some information on if was a dirty needle they used or if someone can injected air bubbles. I feel ok at the moment
OK Gavin. First off you'd have to inject a lot of air--at least 60cc--into a vein to cause an air embolism in the heart that could be fatal and if that had happened, we wouldn't be talking right now. As for whether it might have not been a clean needle, since there's no way we can tell, I'd screen you now and in three months for HIV and hepatitis B and C and I would give you prophylactic antiviral treatment now for HIV.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok thank u where do I go to have a sceen
The A and E can do that Gavin