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Hi, Ive recently had a really foul smelling (like ammonia)

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Hi, I've recently had a really foul smelling urine (like ammonia) to be honest, I have left it for a couple of weeks hoping it would sort itself out! I went the Out of hours last week as I have had a generalised itch all over my body, more so on my breasts, belly and legs. The nurse dipped my urine and said I had 'white blood' cells in my urine and sugar, she asked if I was diabetic, which I am not. However she pricked my finger and my bloods came out at 6, which she said is normal. I may add the last week I have felt quite tired.

I went the Dr on her advice, who is sending me for a non fasting blood test, but that's not for 2 weeks. He's a bit baffled how I can glucose in my urine, but not in my blood.
I'll be honest I'm really really worried that it's something serious, and I'm losing sleep. Does this just sound like a nasty UTI to you or something more sinister!

Please help ūüėĒ
Hi--was your urine sent for a culture and did you get any antibiotics? No rash? Did you have kidney and liver tests with the blood work?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It was sent the lab, but not heard anything back. The nurse did not administer antibiotics, she just said to go the dr, for which I gave another water sample, that was last Thursday.

My Dr is sending me for a fasting blood test on the 29th, it's testing my liver, glucose, and u/t cretimine (sorry not sure that's right)

What so you think it sound like? Really worried
Stick with me for a minute Simone. The itching--is it constant and there's no rash? Any yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The itching had gone on for about 2 weeks, it's not all the time, but tends to drive me mad at night, I have bruised itching do much! There's no rash, but it feels tingly and then I just itch. The whites of my eyes are fine and so is my skin colour.

The last time I had itching like this is when I had a miscarriage, I put it down to a change in hormones.

My urine also doesn't smell as bad.

Can you have glucose in your urine, but not in your blood?

OK Simone--and we can continue after this if you'd like. First off this sounds like a simple urinary--bladder infection and you need antibiotics for that. With that kind of infection, in addition to white cells, yes, you can have glucose without its being elevated in the blood and it doesn't sound as though you have diabetes. Without any yellowing of your skin I don't think the itching is related to a kidney or a liver problem. With your being tired, you might either be anemic--which could cause itching--or you might have a low functioning thyroid. So hopefully your blood test will also include a CBC and a thyroid panel.
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