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caught a cold 2 weeks ago, initially it was just coughing really

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caught a cold 2 weeks ago, initially it was just coughing really bad then I started getting yellow nose congestion, and now I have a blocked sensation in my ear. I have antibiotics but The reason I'm worried is my hearing on that side was already a little muffled from an infection 3 or so years ago I got a grommet placed there in may of last year and that helped by getting some airflow in the ear.

What I'd really like to know from anybody who's got the knowledge is that will the grommet that's in there more than likely to help the it clear up or is there a strong risk of it remaining this muffled and needing further attention?
Hi--had a doctor looked in that ear since this started? And are you saying you're now on antibiotics?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yeah he said the eardrum is quite pink and the grommet is still there, my concern is the muffled hearing, given my history and whether the grommet will be effective even though its over 10 months old?

OK Marco--the grommet will still be effective assuming it isn't stopped up from the infection. That said, right now you may have a partially blocked Eustachian tube from the infection and that should clear in time. Grommets are usually only needed short term unless there's a permanent problem with the tube so I don't think this means you'll have a worsening of the hearing in that ear after this infection resolves.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you sir, just to be clear if the infection is stopping up the grommet will it is more than likely to clear when then the infection does? I only ask because I think having the grommet put in really helped regulate the situation the first time round.

Yes Marco--it should open up again when the infection's over with. No reason for you to worry about this