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Hi There, had a bad fall down stairs, resulting in me landing

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Hi There,
had a bad fall down stairs, resulting in me landing very hard on the bottom step with the bottom part of my back, I got pain killers and naproxen tablets, the pain was very severe the first week, the last two weeks the pain has subsided, worst of all is through the night
when the pain starts up and I get little sleep, nothing is sore to the touch, and my mobility is not affected, I get pain if I sneeze or cough, the pain is in the right hand side of my lower back, is this par for the course,and how long for this to heal up, am I being to impatient, I am otherwise fit and healthy 73 year old on no medication

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

The lower part of spine {sacrum and coccyx} is thin plate like bone. It is prone to fracture or dislocate with fall. The risk increases with age due to osteoporosis {loss of bone density}. I am happy that the pain has reduced in severity and there are no associated signs like tenderness at spine/ weakness at lower limbs or altered mobility. These make fracture or dislocation less likely.

However if I were you - I would get x ray for sacrum and coccyx {AP and lateral view} to get more answers and above all peace of mind.

Till than - Use soft pillow to sit on/ Seitz bath should help/ cold compress should help too.

Wish you well.

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