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I am trying to lose weight. I put on 6st having a baby. I

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I am trying to lose weight. I put on 6st having a baby. I have managed to lose three stone. The latter 3st will not come off. I have tried eating healthy and exercise, then I tried missing meals, then I tried cardio every waking hour with only 2min breaks when I felt I would have a heart attack, I tried walking 6miles a day, I've tried track running, all the while on a diet of some sort, these have become so extreme that I've even been on pro ana diets and I've even starved myself for 3wk periods, still I cannot lose weight, what is wrong with me? I am now worried that because I have been dieting for 8yrs I may be risking my health, I do sleep a lot, I feel mostly light headed, sometimes sick, I have pains in my stomach and sometimes in my chest and head, I have a permanent bruise on my head and a headache, I've got lower back ache, I look much older, I've got skin slippage, my gums, nails and hair are not in good condition, but still I cannot lose weight, what is the problem? I am fat, I am 5ft 7in and I weight 12st 4lb currently and it has been a constant weight for around 4yrs now, it will not move at all.

I am Dr Ken and I will be helping you today.

Were any investigations done to see for the cause?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, I have had no help whatsoever from medical people, I requested help to keep my weight down when I was pregnant, because I gained about a stone when I was a teenager and found it impossible to lose, but eventually did, but it was very hard, so I knew this would be too, I was told it wasn't their job, after the baby was born I was again told, upon request that it isn't their job, most recently I was told that I should "eat less", whereupon I walked 6 miles a day and didn't eat anything for 15days on two seperate occasions and didn't lose a single pound, obviously I fail to see how I can eat less than nothing and I am informed via various sources I've investigated that I can only go up to 6wks without eating before I die.


Thank you for that additional information.

There are varied causes for not able to lose weight. In your case before thinking of excess intake or less exercise I would like to rule out few other causes like - Thyroid imbalance {most likely cause}/ hormonal imbalance/ polycystic ovarian disease {generally associated with irregular menstrual bleeding}/ stress or depression.

Next step - Few investigations like blood tests/ ultrasound of pelvis would give us more answers.

Medicines do help and give immediate results with hormonal imbalance {thyroid included}.

Please do not worry, you will be fine soon.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was told when I was 18 that I had a "slight thyroid issue, no need to treat at present", 18yrs later it has been mentioned, but never treated, I have suffered from depression since I was 3, also untreated, I have stressful times in my life, but I wouldn't say I was a person suffering from a great deal of stress on a regular basis, I also know and the doctors know that I have growths on both ovaries, because they didn't grow in a few weeks they have left them where they are, I have always had light to non existent periods, after my childs birth I didn't have a period for 5yrs, this was also mentioned, but not investigated or treated, so my question is, if the next step is to have blood tests or an ultrasound, how do I go about getting those things?

I am sorry for the circumstances and do understand your anxiety.

You need to visit your doctor and may wish to show a printout of our conversation. I am sure he will order the needed tests.

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