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I have a large hole in my bedroom ceiling and there is fibre

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I have a large hole in my bedroom ceiling and there is fibre glass loft insulation hanging down from it.I feel as if I cannot get a breath at times and I panick. Could. this be a cause of my breathlessness.

Welcome to Justanswer

The cause of breathlessness can be related to it in two possible ways.

1. There can be dust or other particles that may fall off from it and are causing an allergic reaction. In which case the breathlessness would come and anxiety may follow due to the breathlessness alone. The possible solution here would be to make sure that the hole is closed up and getting tested for finding the specific allergy you may have. Your GP should be able to help you with this. Once the allergy as a cause is established then appropriate medication and closing up the hole should solve the issue.

2. other possibility can be that it causes you to be anxious of it as in what if it falls down on me or who knows what filth may fall on me or there may be a rat in the hole. And this anxiety can lead on to a state of panicky which would manifest as panic attack where a person feels the same symptoms as yours. The effective treatment in this case would be changing the surroundings and paper bag breathing with long deep breaths for relaxation. Besides that your GP may prescribe an anxiolytic medication for baseline control of anxiety.

Hope this helped you understand the situation :)

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