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Dr. Natasha
Dr. Natasha, Doctor
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Experience:  American Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, Ivy League trained
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my daughter of 16 years is self harming it has increased in

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my daughter of 16 years is self harming it has increased in the last few months I realise she had her gcses and the pressure at school from her teachers as she has fallen behind in some subjects. but as a parent how can I help she is now using Stanley blades before she was just scratching. I am so worried as you can imagine and I blame myself. I am self employed and am always working. please tell me what to do?

Dr. Natasha : hello
Dr. Natasha : has your daughter seen a counselor or a psychologist?

yes she did but unfortunately she did not want to talk to them and she has been talking to a counsellor at school but since she has the cutting is increasing and getting worse. I know I have to look past the self harm and try to understand the reason why she is doing what she is doing but as a mum it is difficult

Dr. Natasha : Well, only she can tell you that- and she may not even know why she is cutting
Dr. Natasha : And it sounds like she is escalating and could really hurt herself
Dr. Natasha : Does your counsellor have any referrals for a psychologist?
Dr. Natasha : Because she needs professional help
Dr. Natasha : more help than a school counsellor can provide
Dr. Natasha : and you can take her against her will to see one
Dr. Natasha : you can take her to A&E
Dr. Natasha : and they will have a psychologist or psychiatrist assess her and get her set up for treatment

Can I take her against her will. I get the impression that I cannot drag her to the doctors if she does not want to seek help. She is at her dad's at the moment she comes home tomorrow. but she will not let me tell her dad as she does not want to disappoint him. So I can take her to A & E. My niece works for the police and she said that if I caught her cutting herself I could call the police is this right? but catching her would be very difficult.

Dr. Natasha : Yes, you can take to A&E or you can call the polic
Dr. Natasha : you don't have to see her actively cutting, just show the police the scars!

What would the police do if I called them? would she be sectioned under the mental health act? I don't know what the best thing to do is. I am so worried. She just seems to brush things aside and tell me all is ok. but I am not daft, things are not ok.

Dr. Natasha : well, that may happen
Dr. Natasha : I would take her to A and E or I would tell her I am calling the police
Dr. Natasha : she has 2 options.
Dr. Natasha : I am sure she will chose the former

When I suggest things to her she tells me that I cannot blackmail her and she cannot just cold turkey as she calls it. This is just not about her she has a younger sister who is autistic and a younger impressionable brother this affect them too they get quite upset by her mood swings and I get the impression that teachers are coming down on her as she is behind in school work. Why does she do this to herself. she will never be able to wear a pretty dress!

Dr. Natasha : well, right now, she is calling the shots, so to speak
Dr. Natasha : and telling you, as the parent, what to do
Dr. Natasha : so you should take her to A&E.
Dr. Natasha : it is not blackmailing. it is parenting
Dr. Natasha : did I provide you with excellent servic?
Dr. Natasha : service?
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