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Advice, please: 1) In the hopes of decreasing ones chances

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Advice, please:

1) In the hopes of decreasing one's chances of getting Alzheimer's, I've been told that the following over-the-counter vitamins (1 each on a daily basis) may actually be of use:

Sage Leaf, 285 mg
Folic Acid, 400 ug
Vitamin B6, 50 mg
Vitamin B12, 10 ug (the 'u' with a sort of comma beneath the u)
Vitamin E, 800 iu (international units)

2) Along the same lines, is taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin on a daily basis effective for either preventive osteoarthritis or for actual treatment of its onset? (Well, for anything, for that matter!)

Your opinion, please.

Thank you!
Hello, this is Dr K.. Answers are not medical advice and do not constitute a doctor/patient relationship. I look forward to helping you today.

Folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil are believed to preserve and improve brain health. There have also been studies of vitamin E, ginkgo biloba, coenzyme Q10, and turmeric. The results have been less conclusive. They may also be beneficial in the prevention of Alzheimer’s and delay dementia symptoms.

The medical evidence for glucosamine chondroitin is mixed. There is some decent evidence that it helps prevent arthritis in the knees.

Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Your reply that there is "decent evidence" that glocosamine chondroitin helps prevent arthritis in the knees is helpful in itself. "Decent evidence" sort of says to me, keep taking it, there's a good chance it does help.


Your advice about the Folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin D, magnesium, and fish oil, ie, that they are "believed to preserve and improve brain health", has rather left me on the same fence I was on before. "Decent evidence" for glucosamine was good! "Believed to" , however, begs the question by whom? The company that makes them? Medical reports? In short, is there no real "decent evidence", as there is with glucosamine, one way or another? In even shorter, would doctors, themselves, on average, consider the probabilities that they actually help strong enough to take them?

Yes Theres a good chance it will help. The most convincing evidence is for arthritis of the knee. The rest of the evidence is mixed.

In terms of the other vitamins, they have all been proven to be related to brain health. Does taking the supplement prevent Alzheimers? Probably not. Myself, I take vitamin D and a vegetarian multivitamin.
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