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6 months ago, I experienced a sore heaviness feeling in the

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6 months ago, I experienced a sore heaviness feeling in the right side of my head. That night I passed a lot of blood and clots as part of an ongoing 8 week period. I continued to pass heavy period and clots for a further 2 days and then it settled down. After this, I started to develop dizziness, imbalance on right side. I went to doctor and said viral infection. After 2 months my symptoms developed to include pressure in right ear, fast heartbeat, palpitations, pins and needles in fingers and toes and night sweats. Went back to doc and gave me steroid nose spray saying it was fluid in ear coming from nose and the other symptoms were panic attacks. My symptoms continue to get worse and now include the following everyday. Frequent episodes of heavy feeling in right temple, crackling and soreness in ear, then build up of pressure in right or both ears, pain and stiffness in neck, shooting pains in joints or muscles, burning in ear and throat, shooting pain into fingers and toes or hand and foot, numbness in foot and leg sometimes, passing lots of wind, loss of pubic and eyebrow hair, head hair dry brittle and falling out. Feeling of very cold when everyone else is ward and then too warm at night and can't sleep properly. What could be causing all this?
Do you know which blood tests were done?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

anything specific you want me to expand on?

Which blood tests were done?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i believe a full range was done but they were monitoring haemoglobin which went from 14 to 12 but then started to pick up again once my heavy peiod ended back then. They also looked at my thyroid results and they were fine but that was all 2-3 mths ago now


Do you have the TSH result?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no i don't, sorry

That's fine. I wanted to try to get what information is available. There are several issues to discuss in this situation.

I ask specifically about thyroid blood test results because this would be the most common cause of the systemic symptoms that you describe. In evaluating whether thyroid disease is present, there are several possible patterns of results that could be a problem. The vast majority involve a primary loss of thyroid hormone release by the thyroid gland, which then also causes an elevated TSH. However, a small percentage may have a problem with poor release of TSH by the pituitary, so may have a low TSH or a TSH that is low in the normal range with a low level of the thyroid hormones (T4 & T3). Without being able to review the thyroid blood test results, it is difficult to make any further comment, but if the thyroid blood tests are completely normal, then it would be appropriate to consider other possibilities.

There are a couple of other endocrine problems that may be causing the symptoms that you describe, so should also be considered. It is possible that there could be symptoms related to adrenal disease, so checking a cortisol level may be considered. It also could be related to parathyroid disease (a condition that is completely unrelated to thyroid disease).

Since there are a few endocrine problems that could be causing these symptoms, it may be appropriate to consult with an Endocrinologist as part of the evaluation.

The other major category of conditions that should be considered with these symptoms would be a nutritional or vitamin deficiency. An inadequate intake of protein or of certain vitamins or micronutrients can cause such diffuse symptoms. I would usually consider the hormonal issues first, but if the hormonal issues are resolved, the next issue would be a nutritional assessment, including various nutrient deficiencies.

If I can provide any clarification, please let me know.

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