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I am 48 years of age & have been recently having irregular

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I am 48 years of age & have been recently having irregular periods, they have been more frequent ~ so went to see GP and went to have a blood test. I was thinking maybe the start of menopause. Blood test has come back and doesnt really confirm this either way ~ but does suggest some inflammation, so now being sent for ultra sound scan to check my womb and ovaries, Iam now really worrying about this ~ is there a number of things it could be or something more serious ?
Hello and welcome.
I am Dr. Norm, and I look forward to helping you today.

More frequent and irregular periods are fairly common at age 48. I'm not sure about the blood test for inflammation, but I doubt that it has anything to do with your periods. I suppose it's possible that you have something more serious going on, which is contributing to the usual hormonal irregularities that we see past age 45.

However, in the US, unless there was some other reason to suspect an underlying cancer or infection, we wouldn't bother with blood tests for inflammation, and just deal with the bleeding and hormonal changes. Blood tests also have little to no value in diagnosing approaching menopause, since hormone levels tend to vary from high to low during this period.

Depending on the pattern of bleeding, we may do an endometrial biopsy (thin tube through the cervix to sample the uterine lining), just to be sure you don't have precancerous changes of the uterine lining). Then some progesterone pills will usually help the periods become normal.

Neither your bleeding pattern nor a blood test suggesting inflammation would point toward ovarian cancer. In any case, the ultrasound will most likely show that you have normal ovaries. It might show that you have some thickening of the uterine lining, in which case an endometrial biopsy would be done.

In any case, I doubt that you have anything to be very worried about. Although it's always possible that something serious may be found, I don't think your history would really suggest it. Best wishes.
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