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Dr. Phil, MD
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I was diagnosed with IBS 10 years ago, with a mix between

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I was 'diagnosed' with IBS 10 years ago, with a mix between D and C, depending on the trigger. It flared up just before my wedding day, and at various inappropriate moments in my life since. (Job interviews, holidays, etc) I still don't have a handle on what I eat that sets me off. At one time it was cream, another red wine, then it was bread. I've had the rectal bleeding, diagnosed as piles, had the colonoscopy (about 8 years ago), and nothing came up as abnormal. This flare up though, is different. This time, I've actually vomited twice in the last three weeks, and can't think why that's happened. I put the first (Mar 13) down to winter vomiting bug, but the second (Apr 6), well I can't explain it. Coupled with the nausea, I'm still feeling pretty low - bloated, belchy, and BMs before and after breakfast - type 6 - so I'm taking Fybogel to ensure my motions retain some form of solidity. Should I just wait this one out, or is there something obvious I'm missing?

Dr. Phil, MD :

Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Dr. Phil, MD :

please enter chat

Dr. Phil, MD :

HI I'm Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil, MD :

Can I ask your first name?

Customer: Hi there, I'm Alex
Dr. Phil, MD :

HI Alex.

Dr. Phil, MD :

nice to meet you

Customer: And you!
Dr. Phil, MD :

any pain in the right upper belly?

Customer: No, not as such, I'd describe it as generalised discomfort across the whole tummy.
Dr. Phil, MD :

does eating trigger?

Dr. Phil, MD :

I mean eating in general?

Customer: in the two vomiting episodes, yes, but I feel bloated after eating, and feel the need to go to the toilet, without producing much.
Dr. Phil, MD :

okay. I am concerned this could be your gall bladder

Dr. Phil, MD :

You should have a liver/gall bladder panel done

Dr. Phil, MD :

And an ultrasound of the right upper quadrant

Dr. Phil, MD :

However, if this is IBS, I have a great diet for you to try

Dr. Phil, MD :

It is called the FODMAP diet

Dr. Phil, MD :

here is a link

Customer: ok - what could be wrong with the gallbladder?
Dr. Phil, MD :

Dr. Phil, MD :

stones in the gall bladder

Customer: I've heard of fodmap - never tried it.
Dr. Phil, MD :

it is effective for IBS

Customer: ok, thank you for youre
Customer: help!
Dr. Phil, MD :

you're welcome :)

Dr. Phil, MD :

any more questions for me?

Customer: not at this moment thanks!
Dr. Phil, MD :

did i do excellent work for you?

Dr. Phil, MD :

would you mind rating me excellent?

Customer: the gallbladder thing is something I hadn't considered. I will rate you excellent!
Dr. Phil, MD :

thank you

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