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Hi about 8 weeks ago I got very run down doing a lot of travelling

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Hi about 8 weeks ago I got very run down doing a lot of travelling which is quite common for as I spend a lot of time flying from the uk to asia for my job. Usually when I get run down il get cold symptoms and recover within about a week. This time I had very mild sore throat for the 10days I was back in the uk, then when I flew back to asia got run down again I developed swollen glands in my neck. Im working on a construction barge and the dr on board gave me a course of antibiotics, a couple days later my tonsils became swollen as well as my neck glands and the mild sore throat. a couple days after that I developed flu syptoms- fever, blocked nose, no cough tho. after a few days the flu symptoms cleard up and so did the sore throat but the glands and the tonsils stayed swollen after trying various antibiotics as prescribed by the onboard dr, the tonsils went back down, but id say that they are still not right. I then got these spots on each side of my tongue right at the back which were sore like ulcers but they aren't crater shape like the ulcers I would normally get. I also noticed that when I move my throat it clicks like theres cartilidge grinding like something in my throat is grinding. Also iv been having a mild ear ache though the doctor checked them and apparently there not blocked.After that I started getting a sore throat but only down the right side, I also had what felt like a sore throat but it was on the outside of my throat as nothing I swolled eased the pain. so the dr gave me more antibiotic for that. Also a couple weeks ago I felt like my feet were swollen, don't know if that's related. The last few weeks iv been suffering from very bad fatigue throughout the day. the symptoms I have now is I have 1 swollen lymph node below my chin on the right side, the ear ache on the right side that comes and goes the cartilage in my neck, the fatigue and also my bowel movements have been much more regular than usual and my tinnitus is worse than usual. Any idea what this is?
Hi--have you had a screen for mononucleosis which is sometimes called glandular fever?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no not yet, im on a construction barge ATM going home on Tuesday so was going to see my gp then. do you think this is what it is likely to be?

Ben this sounds for all the world like mono and while you may have actually had a bacterial infection like pharyngitis the long time problem with the nodes and the fatigue and the sore throat are very typical of mono. Mono has no specific treatment other than to ride it out and that can take anywhere from four weeks to over two months. See your GP by all means but get the screen just to be sure.
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