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Dr. Phil, MD
Dr. Phil, MD, Board Certified Physician
Category: Medical
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Experience:  GP in the United States
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Dear Doctor I am very worried I hope you can reassure me,

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Dear Doctor
I am very worried I hope you can reassure me, I have just finished Breast Cancer treatment and feel very vulnerable at the moment. Last night we went to our favourite Curry Restaurant and when we left I shook hands with the owner, then I felt a tingle up my nose and put my finger to relieve the tingle and I had blood in my nose which was a nosebleed, I am worried that if the restaurant owner had some of his blood on his finger and I put it into my nose could I get HIV though this contact?

Dr. Phil, MD :


Customer: Hello Doctor
Dr. Phil, MD :

Hi I'm Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil, MD :

Can I ask your first name?

Customer: Jane Have I anything to worry about regarding my question
Dr. Phil, MD :

No, absolutely not

Dr. Phil, MD :

HIV is not transmitted this way

Customer: Hello Dr Phil are you still there?
Dr. Phil, MD :

Yes I am

Dr. Phil, MD :

There is 0% chance of HIV

Customer: So I have nothing to worry about?
Dr. Phil, MD :

no. nothing

Dr. Phil, MD :

absolutely nothing to worry about

Dr. Phil, MD :

you are fine

Customer: I think this worry all started, when my son came home from University and he was in a night club and there was a fight and my son and others were standing nearby and got covered in blood, my son has had an HIV test and Hep B jab just incase because the guy said he HIV Positive, I washed the TShirt with Blood on in my washing machine could that spread HIV
Dr. Phil, MD :

no absolutely not

Customer: My son got splattered near his eye that's why he is being tested and also he had a new tattoo done on his chest the day before and there was blood on the chest part of the TShirt . That is the TShirt has been washed in my washing machine can the HIV survive in the washing machine
Dr. Phil, MD :

If you get stuck with a needle from an HIV infected person the chances of infection are only 3/1000

Dr. Phil, MD :

so the risk with all these other exposures is even lower.

Dr. Phil, MD :

very very unlikely

Dr. Phil, MD :

I think your anxiety regarding HIV is severe

Dr. Phil, MD :

But you have nothing to worry about

Customer: I think it's something to do with going through Breast Cancer and Thyroid cancer treatment I have become OCD and scared of illness.
Dr. Phil, MD :

I understand

Customer: So I have nothing to worry about getting HIV through touching my nose in my first question. After shaking hands and putting my finger up my nose and also am I safe to use my washing machine?
Dr. Phil, MD :

nothing to worry about in both cases

Dr. Phil, MD :

you are okay

Dr. Phil, MD :

just relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend

Customer: Thank you Dr Phil you are most kind
Dr. Phil, MD :

you are welcome :)

Dr. Phil, MD :

would you be so kind as to rate me positive before leaving?

Dr. Phil, MD :

I greatly appreciate it

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