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4th episode of depression ,worst ever convinced related to

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4th episode of depression ,worst ever convinced related to reproduction as suffered pms,post-natal depression think i staved it off again 18months ago started HRT now 11th week into it again Bipolar has been mentioned now but i have always felt 30yrs plus of being like this is crucifying never seen a psychiatrist Desparate and have gp appt at 1730 on sertraline 50mgs since yes'day as felt i was going back to symptoms of 11wks ago was on 100mgs
Hi--I know this may seem like a strange question but can you tell me exactly what all the symptoms are of your depression? And why did you come off the sertraline 11 weeks ago and were you tapered off that?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have been on/off sertraline since an episode of depression apprx 7yrs ago.Sometimes I have decided to wean myself off them without medical advise ! as I always feel the longer I am on them the more detached from living I feel .Last April with gp support stopped as felt with mindfulness and exercise I could be ok.I thought I was but on 3rd Feb this year experienced terrible anxiety due to stressful situation and got betablockers.Gp asked if I recognised that this was depression which floored me because I yelled I'm too bloody motivated to be depressed !!! Started betablocker (bisoprolol) and wallop crashed needing help over 6wks just to function again which is when I quickly went from 50 to 100mgs 11 weeks ago.

And the counseling that you're now into--is that the first time? And again, is your problem mostly anxiety?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Did u get my reply to above

Sorry Lynne I didn't--can you try again?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I would not say anxiety is my primary problem , my brain feeling wired most of the time is !!!! Counsellor said on tues I was in crisis and I did manage to spk to gp who reduced the sertraline to 50mgs and gave me 2.5mgs diazepam to have upto tds. I took 1 tues night and yes'day morning and haven't felt I needed anymore since.The apt today was pre-arranged I just felt I was going as mad as a box of frogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really can't understand why referral to a psychiatrist seems such a big deal when I've been living with depression for over 30yrs

I fully understand Lynne. How exactly can I help you with all this?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I just need to know if it is reasonable to keep trying to get gp to refer me to either a cpn or psychiatrist as now Bipolar has been mentioned by 2 diferent health professionals and that's another story re my symptoms i'll keep plugging away.You have to be as strong as an ox to feel listened to at a time when you are at your most vulnerable.

OK Lynne. It's more than reasonable at this time for you to see a psychiatrist. I can understand a GP trying to make a diagnosis and trying medication for that presumed diagnosis but once he's tried he needs to admit defeat and turn things over to a specialist. I can't say for sure your diagnosis is bipolar but you definitely have a major problem than needs a full evaluation and not only therapy sessions but medication other than the sertraline. Wish I could give you the referral but you need to go to your GP and thank him for his efforts but you are suffering mightily and you need a psychiatric referral just as soon as possible
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