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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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Hi there, I have been on a number of different pain killlers

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Hi there,

I have been on a number of different pain killlers for many years now and i have been trying to come off them for around 4 weeks, these have made me really constipated over a long time also and i have been toilet correctly yesterday and i have real bad chronic pain on the other side of my back that i suffer from but it seems in my bones, it seems to be alot worse than my other pain which i dont understand, also while i am sleeping i can hear my heartbeat in my throat which ive never had before, i can only put this down to the pain i am in because i am not taking all my tablets. Do you know why i am in this pain right now in my bone doctor please. Thank you Toni
Hi Toni Can you first tell me what the problem is with your back exactly and have you had an MRI?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi there,

Yes i have had private MRI's and a full body one recently which i do not know the answer to that one. I have a very large buldge and my discs have gone at the bottom and a nerve was provoking it, but that was on my right side. my left side since i have been toilet yesterday is not the same pain this seems to be in my bones not a trapped nerve and the heart thing i dont know what that is. My son is a spinal iinjury so i do know a few things about the spinal cord, but this pain is worse than the other pain i still have, i dont like going to doctors and thought i would try the online service instead.

OK Toni. So this new pain hit you suddenly and where exactly is it located?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The new pain in on my right side starting from my hip all down my bone in my leg and its like someone has a knife and chipping away bit by bit

And before now you had no problem with that hip and leg?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

no i have never had any pain in that hip or leg or bone should i say. It seems that when my bowels finally emptied yesterday that all this started and i put myself back on methocarbamol to help relief the pain but its not worked, i do not want to go back on the full perscription that i was on before doctor its taken me about 6 weeks now to come down off them and i have really suffered coming down off them and dont want to go back there

I understand Toni--did you have to strain a lot with that bowel movement?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I took lactolose and senna and enema's to get rid of it because my bowels were so full and i could not breath and my daughter told me i had really bad breath so i decided to take the medication to get it soft as i did have a slight bleed from my bottom but apart from that once i went to the toilet it was wonderful to be honest i felt great for once apart from my back pain but i could put up with that because i thought i could start to live again as i felt the best ever

OK Toni. You definitely have a compressed nerve root on the right now and it might be that the bulging disk has suddenly gotten worse or it could be another disk that's the problem here. In general, when this first happens, rest and antiinflammatories can resolve the problem in a few days but if it gets worse or doesn't resolve by then you need another MRI to see what's going on here
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