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Hi dr phil my blood work came back with all good results on

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Hi dr phil my blood work came back with all good results on liver now but slightly low lymphosites The rest of my white blood count was within normal parameters Should I panic!!!!!
Dr. Phil is apparently not currently online, so the system has opened the question to other experts so that it can be answered more timely.
Do you prefer to wait for Dr. Phil?
Or can I be of assistance?
If I can be of assistance, could you include the lab test results?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Hi dr love

Please help !!
I was diagnosed with nash and dr phil reassured me I could reverse it
Well my alt is now 60 from 120 ! My gamma is 14 !!! From 38 my ast is 35 from 56. !!!! I've lost 2.5 stone and run every day
So I am doing well ?

My fbc came back all good as well apart from lymphocytes 1.06all the others neutrophils monocytes eosinophils basophils esr were normal

My white blood count was in normal range 3.85

I googled it. Shouldn't have !!!!!!

Help. My colestrol is 4.0 All else was good
Very good.

From the perspective of the liver, these improvements are great. These are good signs that you are well on your way to reversing the problem.

From the perspective of the lymphocytes, this is not a worrisome result. In our lab, a lymphocyte count of 1.06 would be considered normal, as the normal range in our lab is 1.0 - 3.5. The normal range will vary somewhat from one lab to another, but this would typically still not be a significant abnormality. Any value that is slightly abnormal is still usually normal because of how the normal range is defined (the range encompassed by the average ± 2 standard deviations). If you have ever learned population statistics, then you know that 5% of the population will lie outside this range, so it is common for a value to be outside, but close to the normal range, and that still is normal.

Even a more significant lowering of the lymphocyte count is usually not significant. By a vast margin, the most common cause of a low lymphocyte count is a viral infection, even if there is no apparent symptoms present. In these cases, simply repeating the test will yield a normal result and no further evaluation is necessary.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thank you so much !

My wife has helped my diet and my weight has dropped off and I'm super fit now blood pressure 96 over 69 pulse 58. !!!

Iam terrified as Google says this lymphosite is cancer or aids !!!!!!!!

My previous fbc had it at 1.01 so it has gone up ! And the others were low on that too they have all gone up !! So is that good ????

Also is 3.80 white cell count. Ok to live with ?????

Sorry but I'm very anxious
Google searches can tell you every possible cause, but typically does not differentiate likelihood. It also will not tell you the normal range issue unless you purposely search for it. If you were to have a persistent significantly low lymphocyte, then it would be appropraite to worry about other causes, but a level of 1.01 - 1.06 is not worrisome. Any value that is normal is good, even if it is slightly outside the "normal range." Anything that happens 5% of the time is still fairly common. That means that on average, if I check a lymphocyte count on 20 people today, one person will have a result that is slightly outside the normal range. Or from another perspective, if I check 20 different lab tests on a single person, on average one of those results will be slightly outside the normal range.

A white blood count of 3.8 is good. Even if the white blood count were slightly outside the normal range, it still would likely be normal (for the same reason noted above) and would be fine to live with.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
You guys are superb !!!
The USA has great doctors !
So I can stop panicking now ?

I won't be at risk of infection and all that google stuff ?

I want to celebrate my liver results but this has ruined it !

So the overall white count 3.8 is good I can relax
So what your saying is a consistent very low lymphosite count with other symptoms or other blood values bad would be needing a follow up ?

Sorry to panic
Yes, you can stop panicking, relax, and enjoy the positive liver results. There is no reason to be concerned about what you find by Google. Yes, a consistent significantly low lymphocyte count, with or without symptoms, would be appropriate to follow up.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
But mine is not significantly low ??

You are telling me that it's almost normal ?

It is normal in our lab, but the normal range can vary slightly from one lab to another, so may be slightly outside the normal range for the lab at which it was done. But it certainly is not significantly low.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Is the fact that all the others are fine and the white blood count within normal range as a whole good news ?

Last question I promise !!!!!!!!! Lol

Yes, it is good that the other white blood cells are normal, but the interpretation of the lymphocyte count is not dependent upon or affected by the levels of the other white blood cells.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
The fact it's already gone up from month ago is also good ?
Guess you can tell I suffer anxiety !!!

Il rate you after this one I promise you have been fantastic il relax now
Both values are good. The difference between 1.01 and 1.06 is not any better than the fact that both values are already good.

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