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Hi sorry dr Ive rated you and obviously sent a tip Should

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Hi sorry dr I've rated you and obviously sent a tip

Should I make an appointment with my doctor or be happy to carry on with my regime for liver rest assured that the lymphosite values are ok ????
There is no need to make an appointment for the lymphocyte count. If you want reassurance, you can ask for the test to be repeated whenever the liver blood tests are to be repeated. But there is no need to make a separate appointment or perform testing any earlier than otherwise planned.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
If it stays the same that's ok though ?? At 1.06 ?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
To summarise.

1.00 to 3.5. Is normal. My lab in Harley street London is 1.2 to 4.0

But even so 1.06 still means I have normal protection to infections etc
And it's fine

If it kept dropping and reduced significantly I would need to see my gp ?

If it stays the same it's fine ?
Yes, the 1.0 - 3.5 is the normal for our lab. Even for the normal range of 1.2 - 4.0, a value of 1.01 and 1.06 are only slightly outside the normal range, so are still normal. They are adequate to fight infections, etc., and it is fine if it stays only slightly outside the normal range. If it drops significantly, typically the doctor that orders it would know, but if it is checked elsewhere, you should see your GP.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Ok great.

Thank you very much. What is a low count .06 etc ? To cause concern ?

Have a good day or evening dr and thank you for putting my mind at rest

Kind regards

In this case, this was a good guess (assuming that you meant 0.6), but the degree of outside the normal range is primarily dependent upon the breadth of the range, as that is a reflection of the standard deviation. In this case, the breadth of 1.2-4.0 is 2.8, and since this is 4 standard deviations, each standard deviation is 0.7. The average ± 3 standard deviations will encompass 99.7% of the normal population, so some normal people may still be around 0.6, but the likelihood is much less and it would be appropriate to pursue further evaluation.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Genius you are sir !

Guess I can relax now and enjoy the weekend ! Before you go can you answer this I used to drink 3 to 4 glasses of red wine every day. For many years I own my own design company so it was stressful. .

My specialist dud all the liver tests autoimmune s heps etc and said it was not alcohol that drove the alt the ultrasound showed fat change only

He suspected very early nash as I said orefiviously.

But do you think this could be alcohol as I gave up 2 months ago and the liver is improving amazingly ???
It certainly is possible that the alcohol may have had a role, either directly affecting the liver or in contributing to the fatty infiltration of the liver. Some people are more sensitive to alcohol than others, and it may not be apparent what the full role of alcohol is having for the individual until it is stopped.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
If I get the alt within the norm looking at the gamma at 14. Is the fat then gone ? The lab that took the first blood count Has a range of 1.5 to 3.8 ?? I just looked !! Either way I can relax on that now ?? One lab says 1.2 the other 1.5 ! Guess they all vary
Normal liver function tests only tell you that the associated inflammation of the liver has resolved, which would typically mean that the fat has improved, but it may not yet be gone. It is possible to have fatty infiltration of the liver without inflammation. It would require an imaging test to determine whether the fat is gone.

There is no reason to be concerned about the lymphocyte count, even with the variation in normal range between labs.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Good evening sir

Have a good weekend !
Have a great weekend yourself.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Just before bed.

I get a soreness in the chest windy nervous sensation and stinging sometimes My doc has always said my bloods are good and it's ibs type reaction to stress. Also feels like wind pressure in sternum sometimes I had upper abdominal ultrasound all ok and my lipase was perfect.

Could it be the exercise I'm now doing or stress ???
It is more likely stress and anxiety, but it is possible to pull a muscle during exercise that can cause a soreness in the chest. Neither problem is that serious, although more severe anxiety or muscle symptoms may need treatment for relief of symptoms.

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