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I have just been diagnosed with fundic stomach polyps which

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I have just been diagnosed with fundic stomach polyps which showed up in an endoscopy. I do have a sliding hiatal hernia. I was having chronic upper middle stomach pains, bloating, wind, loss of appetite and 2 stone weight loss in 6 months and feel tired all the time. I have been on Omeprazole for several years after my hernia was diagnsed though I had had abdominal problems prior to that but was just given liquid antacid by a previous gp. I have seen my gp, have been taken off the Omeprazole which she said does cause problems (ie side effects and polyps) in some people, without symptoms. I have been put on Domperidone and if after a week I am stll getting stomach pain I am to start taking Renitidine. I have been assured the polyps are benign. The hospital consultant having seen my endoscopy results wants me to have an ultra sound (had one last August) when I had chronic stomach pains like I am having now as the gp thought it was my gall bladder. Was put on penicillin as I was feverish and gp thought it may be an infection in my stomach.
Not at any time did I think it was anything serious and can only hope it clears up, under the care of my gp. However, I now remember my gran (my mother's mum) had stomach cancer,
I am probably worrying unnecessarily but as long as I can be assured that the polyps are harmless, I hope whatever ails me will clear up. Once you are diagnosed with fundic polyps are you monitored and can they change and what should I look out for? I am not a hypochondriac but just want to be pain free. Could the hernia be causing all the pain, discomfort etc., aggravated by the Omeprazole.
Regards XXXXX XXXXX you

Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

Fundic polyps are mostly benign and harmless, however, a colonoscopy should be done in people who have familial adenomatous polyposis or FAP, a disease that causes polyps in the lower gastrointestinal tract. In families which have FAP, fundic polyps can become malignant. And these are the people who need to be observed for any malignant changes and the polyps should be taken out while they are benign.
If you do not have FAP gene in the family, that is your father and your siblings have had clear colonoscopies or if you have had a colonopscopy in the last 5 years that was normal, then Fundic polyps should not worry you.
Yes, it is being studied, that Proton Pump Inhibitors might have a role in causing fundic polyps because they decrease the secretion of acid in the stomach thus causing over growth of mucosa forming polyps.
Treatment may not be needed for small (less than 1 cm) polyps that are not causing any signs or symptoms. However, if the poylps are symptomtic or greater than 1 cm then they should be removed.
If your symptoms do not subside then the polyps should be removed. Treatment options can vary according to the size and site of polyps.
Hope this helps.
If you have further queries,reply back.

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