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I have recently had very successful cataract removal and lens

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I have recently had very successful cataract removal and lens implant. My other eye is 'lazy' but has a more severe cataract. Removal may cause 'double vision'. How disabling can this be?
Hi. Welcome to JustAnswer. I shall try my best to assist you while you are corresponding with me.

The risk of diplopia or double vision after cataract surgery is about 10 percent when both eyes are operated for cataract.
This is something the Ophthalmologist warns patients about so that it is not a surprise to them as that canbe distressing for the patient and can also cause litigious problems.
So, that is why eye surgeons over emphasize it.
Diplopia in the forward or central gaze is very problematic as it can cause problems in walking specially when it is more than 6D.
However, most often the diplopia can be corrected by special glasses and if not will necessitate surgery.
Most of the post cataract surgery diplopia is trivial however and problems in peripheral gaze do not bother most patients and it does not obviate surgery if not troublesome.
Diplopia of less than 6 D can be treated with these glasses as well.
So, it is wise to weigh your risk:benefit ratio with your Ophthalmologist before undergoing the surgery and if the benefits exceed the risks then you should go ahead - since most cases of diplopia canbe trivial and can resolve with conservativ methods.
Hope this helps.
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