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Hey. please can i ask this information is kept anonymous and

Customer Question

Hey. please can i ask this information is kept anonymous and 100% confidential. if you are not comfortable with this please stop reading and send a blank reply or something. thank you. statement from someone i know: i don't think my mind is normal.. it seems inconsistent, by tomorrow i will probably think that this was a stupid idea. i switch from feeling hopeless and depressed to feeling almost invincible, not neccisaraly in a way that i feel i can achieve anything or have no consequences, but more high on the feeling than nothing matters. i work on a cam site, not because i need the money, in fact i give most of what i earn to girls who work there (over £3000 since i started there), sadly they are some of my closest friends. i have friends in real life but we don't do much together out of school, most people seem to like me but i don't get invited out much... i also have grown cannabis, again not because i need the money (i would never sell it). more that it is one of the few things i enjoy doing (my personal use has been light recently because of exams coming up). that is another point, that i find it very hard to enjoy anything. almost everything i enjoy is dangerous in some way or another. i have noticed all of this a lot more after the stress of exams and i don't think i can succeed at them my IQ is pretty high but i just can't seem to learn... i don't know if i should be going to a psychologist or a psychiatrist about this but i hope you can give me some sort of advice. thanks



Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical