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is DID a disability?

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Is "Dissociative Identity Disorder" (DID) or "Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified" (DDNOS) considered a disability and covered within the employment disability discrimination act?


I was told by an employer:


Boss:    We can give more clarification, if you want some examples Stuart, i don't like talking personally but i have got to, we can not, under any circumstances have Sid mentioned in this office at all as it might unnerve people and i can't have people in the office unnerved, I understand it is a medical condition and i understand it might be something part of you but that can not come in this office. not that it could or couldn't It can not, it categorically can not come in this office and it categorically can not go out to clients, at all.

Me:    It does not go out to clients.

Boss:    Well it has internally and you asked me for an example and that is totally unacceptable so i have to be convinced by the doctor that it has disappeared otherwise it won't work internally.

Me:   So you are saying that you need to hear it is a delusion rather than a dissociative identity.

Boss:   That you don't have it as a long term issue. So can i say rather than treatment it has to be a cure. That’s got to be my layman's definition. If you are cured of that, like you can be cured of schizophrenia and stuff or the drugs or treatment you take but that is not my field - if that is controlled absolutely totally by whatever and “cure it” in inverted commas then we have a different scenario but we need to start from,,, you asked for an example and that is the example of….



Is this what the disability discrimination act protects me from?

There is no short answer to your question.

It is true that these conditions may be considered a disability under this act, but the definition of disability is not determined by the diagnosis, but rather by the effect that the diagnosis has on daily functioning. So, it would require a complete assessment to say whether you would satisfy the definition of disability.

Even if it is determined that you have a disabling condition, whether you are protected from this action by your boss is also determined by the specifics of the situation. The law prohibits discrimination unless it can be justified. You would do better to get an opinion from an attorney that is familiar with employment law to guide you on whether this would be a situation in which this could be considered justified or not.

Therefore, you first need to discuss with your doctor whether you satisfy the definition of a disability under the law, and if so, you need to discuss with an attorney about whether the action is prohibited or whether it could be considered justified.

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