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I been diagnosed with depression and entered hospital and was

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I been diagnosed with depression and entered hospital and was given olazipan,then was on citalapram and zopilclone then moved over to lomatrigine and citalapram up to 60mgs decided to come down off antidepressants but remained on 100mgs of lamatrogine also have marina coil and oestrargel cut down to 50mgs then moved up to 100mg off the anti depressants now and using 100mgs a day plus sleeping pills.Lost a family member 3 in less then 2years had a cough perscribed amoxolin then clarithromycin 500mg had bad reaction went to hospital told all clear carry on taking pills violently sick brain explosion lost cognetitive feelings gradually levelled but not well found out the infection was in my oesphegous offered beta blockers or anti depressants took beta lockers went to see if allergic to blockers told to come off lost faith went to alternative practitioner who got my shakes and feeling of shock out of my system then was persuaded to come off lamotrigine and go on melatonin as have sleep problems take 6mg of melatonin up zopilclone and do a gradual come down used chinese herbs which didn't agree with me had3vitiamin b shots felt more awake then i had done in years but lack of sleep and nerves felt exhausted.confused with it all went back to the doctor as i have been sick now perscribed lansoprazole and citalapram and diazopam still not sleeping even with zopilclone cannot sleep and am in a bad place as told to come off of melotoin as am 54 what a mess dont know where to turn as I'm cold turkey ing
What doctor are you currently seeing for your problems?
What is the drug from which you are withdrawing cold turkey?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Lamatrogine dr cunliffe pembrooke house surgery paignton
How long has it been since you last took the lamotrigine?
Am I interpreting your description correctly that you were started on the lansoprazole, citalopram, and diazepam since stopping the lamotrigine?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes i finished taking lomatrigine eighteen days ago and am having anxiety and have been hoping from bed to bed to try and relax and sleep but keep waking up drinking and walking around so consumed with this it's taken over my life
Thank you for the additional information.

If it has been 18 days since the lamotrigine was last taken, it is very unlikely that the current symptoms are due to withdrawal from the lamotrigine. It is more likely that these symptoms are related to the underlying depression, possibly with anxiety.

As for where to go from here, it is appropriate that you be seen by a Psychiatrist for these problems. There are many different medicines that can be used for these problems, and you have been tried on a number of good medicines. The citalopram and diazepam that you are currently taking are both good medicines for depression and anxiety. Most people with depression or anxiety can be well managed by their primary care physician, as most people will respond well to commonly used medicines. However, for those people that do not respond well, it would be appropriate to be seen by a Psychiatrist, who can consider less commonly used medicines, such as mood stabilizers or atypical tranquillizers.

If it takes some time to be able to be seen by a Psychiatrist, then it would be appropriate to discuss with your doctor going back on the lamotrigine until you can be seen, if that is the drug that has been the most effective to this point.

If I can provide any further information, please let me know.

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