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Hello, Please help. I am a 56yr old female that has been

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Please help. I am a 56yr old female that has been in terrible pain for approx 7-8 weeks with acute pain to my right side under my bust/rib cage area. I have seen 2 seperate GPs who thought I may have IBS and perscribed some muscle relaxant tablets which made my pain worse plus I have never suffered with IBS. They then thought I may have gallstones but an ultrasound x ray ruled that out. Ive had a CT scan too with nothing showing and full blood counts all normal. I do suffer from Barratts Oesphagitus and have a small hiatus hernia to which I have yearly check ups. To be on the save side I have had endoscopy done earlier this year to check there is nothing untoward. I am currently awaiting my results.

I have seen 2 GPs, 1 A&E Dr, 2 Consultants and still am none the wiser but in daily pain. I did explain to all that this started as I can remember following gardening a few weeks back which was what I thought was a pulled muscle but progressively got worse!

If all my stomach results come back ok is it possible I may have a partial or complete abdominal muscle tear. Following lots of lifting pots and shoveling stones around with the wheel barrow in my garden?

My symptoms have been pain, muscle spasms, stiffness of my muscle, soreness to touch, uncomfortable to sit, walk and drive most days. I feel I am going crazy as pain relief is not consistant. My symptoms fit grade 2/3 abdominal pain. If I lye down or flat on my stomach or raise my right arm I do get some relief!

I am currently off work to rest as I cant stand the discomfort no more as I can't concentrate. Having read your article I will try ice packs and have a warm bath in the evenings. I can only take paracetomal because of my Barratts condition.

How can Abdominal tears be confirmed and what is the recovery time? If everything else has been eliminated is this a possibility?

thank you,
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Thanks for this question

Does eating trigger it at all?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

At times I thought it has and I presume my endoscopy may rule out a stomach ulcer too. Although nothing showed up on the CT scan.


The discomfort has been mild to acute and Im afraid gone into a blur at times

I do think it still could be your gall.bladder

There is something called biliary dyskinesia. Gall bladder dysfunction without stones

You need a HIDA scan for this
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I did query with the consultant if they were sure it wasn't my gall bladder but he said definitely not.He never suggested this HIDA scan.


Whilst I am waiting for my stomach results on the 15/5 from a different consultant. I will discuss this possibility.


What is a HIDA scan? How does this confirm it? Can you suggest any thing I can do to make myself comfortable?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I have sent a further question but received no reply?

There is no way to know without a HIDA. A HIDA checks gall bladder pumping function
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