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Hi there. My has changed over the past year. I am 25

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Hi there. My semen has changed over the past year. I am 25 years old and since last june my semen has been a lot less thick. If i masterbate frequently, more than once per day, it is very clear. If I leave it a few days it goes back to white, although still parts of it are clear.

This in itself does not bother me too much. I have read that sperm count is microscopic. However, when I am with a women it seems to go almost totally clear, with lots of volume and a few white "specs". It sounds preposterous but this is actually what happens. Strangely enough I masterbated on my own a few hours later and it was reasonably white again.

Is there indication of low sperm count? Even if everything is fine i still feel a bit unmanly, although i can live with it knowing everything is normal.

Here is a picture of my semen 24hours after a previous ejacualtion. The clear part on the bottom left is what it looked like when a girl masterbated me.
Hi--you mentioned a photo but it isn't on this page
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

hi there the screen is a normal size ipad to give you an idea of how much there is there

OK Oliver--got it. No, this has nothing to do with your sperm count since the sperm itself doesn't impart the color to your semen. This could be perfectly normal. Sometimes, frequent ejaculations can water down the semen and make it less whitish but that has nothing to do with sperm count. I wouldn't worry about this but if you still are, see a doctor and get a test for sperm count and mobility just so you'll know that things are fine
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, thanks a lot. Im sure you can tell from the photo that the semen looked fairly normal. In some ways I was irritated because i wanted to show you a more "watery" sample! it was just strange that when i am with a woman it seems to be more clear than when i am on my own, although more in quantity. I suppose frequency of ejacualation is responsibe for that. Thanks a lot. I may get a test just to clear my head as iv asked this question before.

My pleasure Oliver--let me know how it goes