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My partner or ex partner is seriously depressed , he takes

Customer Question

My partner or ex partner is seriously depressed , he takes a good doze of anti depressants and it's very important to also indicate that he smokes cannabis.He s lost his business a year ago and he has this paranoia that nobody respects him and I cheat on him. I tried to get him to start treatment but he says there is no saving of him( his cousin died in car accident few months ago and he talks of joining him).i offered him private rehab centres where he could have taken a break from everything but he doesn't seem to understand.He s become obsessive , trying to control me , overreacting and exaggerating every little thing.He screams and shouts and sometimes I am fed up so I don't answer his calls which makes it all worse cause then I am accused of different things.Yesteday he smashed things in the office because the CCTV and TV was off... Then at my house ( we don't live together) he wanted to go through my phone but I refused( he used to break into my e mail and checked on me when I wouldn't even realise).I told him to leave the house or I call the police which triggered him - he grabbed my throat and said that he will rather put me behind bars- he took a small knife and ripped his clothes around and cut himself then he said to call police so that he can tell then I stabbed him.Later that night he started screaming that he hears voices of a man in the house and he dropped down in the corner looking terrified and sweating; at one stage he looked like he was about to choke , he couldn't breath; I then quickly took a phone to call ambulance but as soon as he Heard me on the phone he ran out of the house.He was then calling me numerous times to tell me that he s on the way to the police to say I stabbed him bit he will not do that if I give him a name of a man ( there is no other man).By that time I lost the plot of what's happening and I stopped talking to him or answering the phone.he reckoned that I am trying to lock him up in mental hospital on purpose. He took the car and went away last night. I don't know what to do, I am worried about him but at the same time u feel so emotionally tired... Please advise
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
Can you clarify you exact medical question?