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I was on suppressive doses of thyroxine for 13 years due to

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I was on suppressive doses of thyroxine for 13 years due to thyroid cancer to keep my tsh low. But developed ab fib in 2009 and I later had a cardio version which worked for six months then failed. Now I am on dilitiazem, flecanide and dioxin. I had been in af for a long time and had not noticed then it took two weeks to get me to sinus. Now I am still on these drugs and getting the odd af. Is it safe to be on all three? I am getting a bit wheezy too
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Yes it is safe but you might want to consider an ablation. have you considered this?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
No. I heard it is not successful on people of my age which is almost 60. I had my t4 dose reduced to 100 mg one day and150mg the next day. Why do the drugs I mentioned make me wheeze? Betablockers do the same. The changes in the dose has not made a big difference since I still get some fans coming through. My father has third degree heart block and af so am wondering if hereditary? He has a pace maker now at 92.
That is not correct

you are young for this condition

It will probably work well

this is a side effect of these drugs

that is why ablation is preferred

it is hereditary. yes
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
My wheezing got worse and my doc said I had asthma attack since I was having probs breathing and put me on a nebuliser which helped, steroids course and two inhalers. Sometimes I am back to normal and other times not. But still wheezing. Is it the drugs causing asthma now. They don't seem to find the cause only piling on the drugs. Is the ablation done under a general anesthetic? I am concern that this will give me a problem. How long does it take? And could they not just put a pace maker in?
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Did you have asthma before?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
I had some as a child.
It could have come back

It can come and go with time

I'm not so sure it is simply the medicine
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Yesterdsy i was breathing well until late afternnoon and then as if breath was catching on something. Then today felt tight again and Using inhalers. My heart is in rhythm on just diltiazem and My chest xray was clear. I just dont Know what it is. I have had before in Cyprus and got a steroid injection. That fixed it. Then when I had a toe for cardio version in 2012 and then when in no last year they were trying to get me back into sinus rhythm for two weeks I had breathing probs on three drugs. Then once back I. It cleared again. Then had lots of stress with dad going into home with dementia and rushing about looking for a place. Cd it be a chest infection and how wd you know you had that and would antibiotics be useful for that? I don't have a temperature.
Yes, it could be

you would need a chest xray

antibiotics would be useful in that case