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Dermadoc, Doctor
Category: Medical
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For some years I have lost an increasing amount of scalp hair

Customer Question

For some years I have lost an increasing amount of scalp hair and now my scalp is clearly visible. This problem began in my twenties when the thinning started to appear at the front of my scalp. I've always had a degree of pain along the midline and this is now increased. I take thyroxine and blood levels are regularly monitored. Just recently the midline pain has become much greater and yellow crusts including hair bulbs are coming away. Can you help please?
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  Dermadoc replied 3 years ago.

Dermadoc :


Dermadoc :

Thanks for posting your query, i will be glad to be of assistance to you and will try my best to answer all your queries to the best of my abilities.

Dermadoc :

I can understand your concern and i understand how distressing it could be to lose your scalp hair.

Dermadoc :

i would like to first request you to post a picture if possible of the area on the scalp where you have lost hair.

Dermadoc :

There are different types of alopecia and they follow different patterns of hair loss.

Dermadoc :

being able to see the patten of hair loss will contribute to making an accurate diagnosis as to what could be causing your hair loss.

Expert:  Dermadoc replied 3 years ago.
We can keep communicating through this Q&A forum.

I would also like to ask a few questions and I will be awaiting your reply.

1. The midline pain that you mentioned, could you please tell me the extent of it? From which point to which point does it extend?

2. Have you taken any treatment for this pain?

3. Do you have any other illnesses apart from thyroid?

4. Are your thyroid levels under control?

5. Have you taken any treatment for hair loss?

6. The yellow crusts can be seen on your scalp?

Please let me know an answer to these queries so I could help you in a better manner.

Hair loss in thyroid disease is a well documented fact. Also there is a condition called frontal fibrosing alopecia which is commonly seen in ladies over 50 years of age. I am suspecting either of these as the cause for your hair loss.

Hope with the help of the information you will provide, I will be able to recommend you with the management options for your hair loss.

Take care