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I have a broken nose that has been broken for quite a while

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I have a broken nose that has been broken for quite a while now, I need rhino plastery and sinus plastery to fix it. This gives me breathing problems through my nose especially through the right nostril. But also I have been told I have an enlarged adenoid at the back of my nose causing me again breathing problems and ear problems. I'm a 32 year old man and always remember having ear problems and nasil problems as a child. I've been to gp and was refered to ent specialists. One specialist said it was an adenoid and nose repair req. was booked into hospital for adenoid removal, turned up and they wanted to re check my nose adenoid etc first after checking again the consultant then wasn't entirely sure it was an adenoid and I'm now going to be booked in for a MRI scan to see clearly what it is. Worst case scenario she said it could be a varicule tumour at the back of my nose. I'm now waiting to be booked in for the MRI scan. Does all this sound correct? And how serious is a varicule tumour if that's what it is? I know it's all up in the air at the moment but it is worrying considering all my symptoms seem to be like an adenoid, mouth breathing, ear problems and occasional sore throats. Just looking for another opinion and advice really. As it said I've suffered for years with ear nose problems so I'm thinking it can't be anything too serious. Many thanks
What is your question exactly
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Do you think it is an adenoid problem?
No not necessarily./
That would be seen, and apparent on ENT exam.
I think you surely need the MRI to see what is going ont.
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