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Hi, I am a little worried about sudden inflamation of a finger

Customer Question

I am a little worried about sudden inflamation of a finger like nettle sting* but did not remember touching nettles or getting a sting from wasp etc. Worried that it might be a blood clot? It happened yesterday evening - still some stiffness (inflamation) this evening.

Most worrying is the discolouration in interdigital area along most of length of finger. I am 59, male. I was working at farm work just before it happened. (I was handling chemicals for dosing cattle but wearing gloves though some chemicals may have touched skin?) Looking up the Internet there are some terrible diseases with such symptoms!

The discolouration of skin is unusual for me though nettles can produce hives redness...with me. It may result from a minor injury which I do not remember sustaining at the farm work?

I have a feeling the redness may turn to green etc like a black eye type injury before returning to normal? Or is it something worse. Should I go see a doctor ....?

Tom, Roscommon, Ireland

* While I do not remember touching living nettles I did handle hay which may well have nettles I did not notice
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Medical
Expert:  DrRussMD replied 3 years ago.
It is most likely a contact/allergic type reaction.
If so, it will resolve.

Infection will spread, so if it spreads, you need a doctor.

Other conditions can cause this, such as arthritis. It can cause skin changes.
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