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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Board Certified Physician
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A month ago my friend took 1g of MDMA over 2 days. It was a

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A month ago my friend took 1g of MDMA over 2 days. It was a slight overdose on the first day. Since then he feels like he is drunk and has not got back to the real world except that he can think clearly.

besides that, he was not able to read for a week, had cognitive problems, felt burning sensation in the brain, felt fatigue and recently became more short-sited.

doctor said it was due to stress and anxiety and did not give an MRI scan, but he was not stressed until he noticed that he was not able to read

is there any advice on how he can get back to normal or prevent symptoms from getting gradually worse?
Hi--for one thing he definitely needs a brain MRI to make certain he didn't have a bleed in his brain and a possible stroke. If that's not the case, he needs to see a neurologist and a psychologist for more evaluation and for a series of cognitive testing that can direct the doctors to a course of therapy that will resolve his problems. In a sense he is probably suffering from the equivalent of a post concussion syndrome
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