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Dr. Phil, MD
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I have a year old bad back with degenerative arthritis in

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I have a 69 year old bad back with degenerative arthritis in neck and lower back L1 and L2 area with sacro.............I made the classic error of hitting 100 a day practice balls at driving ranges WITHOUT stretches beforehand. Now I have torn ligaments, muscles/tendons whatever one properly calls them extending across my right buttock to my hip side...the last point of the golf swing.................and incapacitated for a week recently by Psychiatic nerve problems. have had non invasive Mctomoney chiro therapy and generally if I look after myself ok from hip up.
So if my GP is confusing leg and toe problems with the question I have for you, I am not sure I am describing my problem to him properly.....My foot is all stiff and sore and my metatarsils are puffy, feel as if swollen, and like leather.....I have discomfort on the arches and the inside underside of my left foot and less pronounced in the right foot which was affected by a bursa in the heel for 4 years, during which time and since I have worn only shoes with no heels as the bursa was so painful. Finidng the right person for these conditions-injuries is so difficult, and the bursa took so long even two series of cortisone injections did'nt do the trick and cured last year when I had a series of hip and leg massages. It does not help that I also gave myself a frozen shoulder from carrying a golf bag for several years.
I feel the numbness in my left toes is partly my back, as the GP says, and partly because of kicking a stone step some years ago in the dark...cragged my toe as they say.....outside top of the left big toe is decidedly sore and numb. I have been referred to get an MRI next week. But my question remains the same....
Are the problems of numb toes and pudgy metatarsils necessarily related?
Should I be seeking separate help. like a podiatrust or reflexologist for the feet, and
leave the toes to the MRI scan.....what would the MRI tell me about my feet.
Hello. I'm Dr. Phil, licensed and practicing internist. Excellent service is my goal.

Thanks for this question.

These are not related

The numbness and sore feet is not from the same cause

I would see a podiatrist for sure
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

You say you would see a that the correct specialist....

there are no other choices to diagnose and recommend a corrective

treatment. Eliminating other options helps. Rod

Yes a podiatrist is the number one choice
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