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Refer to the last letter

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Refer to the last letter
I'm sorry. You say to refer to the last letter, but the system does not have a prior question posted with this customer name.
Could you copy and paste the last letter?

I had asked about a copy of the last letter and have not heard back.

Although I do not have a copy of the letter, there are a few comments that are pertinent to the information that you included.

The most worrisome symptom that you state is that you are having progressive loss of vision. Any time that someone has sudden or progressive loss of vision of unknown cause, it is critical that there be a proper evaluation done quickly. There are also certain eye problems that can cause significant abdominal symptoms, such as certain manifestations of glaucoma.

There are, of course, many other conditions that can cause the abdominal turmoil that you mention, and it may be necessary to perform various tests of the abdomen. Whether there should be an urgent evaluation of the abdominal symptoms, if they were occurring without the vision loss, would depend upon the severity of symptoms. But since you are also having the .progressive loss of vision, it is important that you be seen quickly.

These comments may not address the question that was included in the last letter, and I would be glad to address that question once I have a copy of the letter. But I still wanted to at least communicate the importance of being seen quickly for the vision loss.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear doctor,


I am a bread-loving and a bread-eating human of north indian ancestry lliving in Malaysia.

The local and world-wide Chinese believe and practice zodiac animals religion and eat noodles ( highly cooked thin, long, slippery food which resemble living snakes n worms) and have planted a life zodiac animal n a living, uncooked noodle in my belly (intestines).


Since there is 'abortion on demand' at any hospital and 'quickie divorces' in lawyers offices and courts practiced by girls in western countries, are there any 'capsule endoscopy on demand' available and practiced by gasteroenterologists in western countries like london or france or germany that I may come as a medical tourist to use.

I only have a limited budget and don't mind a quick reply.

Thank you.

God bless you.

Mohamed X. X. XXXXXXX

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Already replied.

My stomach is too paining too reply twice same as in previously.

I think I will turn to God for further help since your internet plays Chinese devil tricks so you do not get my reply without pressing twice.

Thanj you.

Bye, bye.


Yours faithfully,


Mohamed X. X. XXXXXX

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

My stomach is too gross and uncomfortable and my eyes too blind (blinder by the day)

to reply twice.

I think the Chinese who worship their dragon are to blame if you do not get a reply

and I have to retype my answer twice.

Huh, the service I get because of the existance of the Chinese and their gross religious head, the dragon.

I'm sorry for the delay, but I was away from the computer when you responded.

A capsule endoscopy is typically not offered "on demand". Typically, a standard endoscopy is done first. It also may be decided to also perform an imaging study, such as a CT scan. It certainly would be possible for you to be seen by a Gastroenterologist and if a prior evaluation has been done, the Gastroenterologist can review the prior evaluation and decide whether to perform a capsule endoscopy.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear sir,
I am a micro-minority Malaysian of North Indian origin and live in a Chinese zodiac and Chinese noodle eating area of Malaysia, where 35% of the population is Chinese and would like to see a British bread-eating and bread-loving doctor of opposite values and believes from the Chinese doctors because I and my ancestors are of North Indian origin and are chappatti (flat unleavened bread) loving and chappatti eating(unlike our Chinese counterparts who are zodiac praying/worshipping and noodle eating.Could you let me know earliest possible if there are any British gastroenterologist doctors who could deliver/use capsule endoscopy and who would give me fair treatment because I fear there could be a life uncooked noodle and/or zodiac animal stuck of the Chinese kind in my abdominal intestines.Let me know earliest possible by mail and hand phone. My hand phone is +X XXX XXXXXX and my postal address is :
Thank you.God bless you.Have a wonderfull week.Yours faithfully,Mohamed X. X. XXXXX

Any Gastroenterologist in Britain would be able to see you and consider whether a capsule endoscopy is indicated. As I noted above, a standard endoscopy or an imaging study is usually considered first, but any British Gastroenterologist can evaluate you and consider ordering the test.

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