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iotic Went to see young gp, never seen her before last Friday

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iotic Went to see young gp, never seen her before last Friday with a chest infection .She prescribed amoxicillin 500mg x3 daily. On Friday during night suffered severe stomach pains.By Sat night stomach was so sore was only able to sip warm milk to get any relief and whole of body covered in hives with itch head and red hot ears. Never had this reaction before but am usually given 250mg x4 daily. Took only 250mg Sunday to keep antibiotic going.Reported by telephone back to surgery Mon am and was promised a call back.Since that time I have heard nothing. Phone lines are always very busy, even tried 111 yesterday with no success.Today Wed have now counteracted the itching with hydrocortisone cream from a concerned neighbour and stomach more comfortable but still tender.Still have c.i. Am 71 have copd.never had any problem with this antibiotic in the past at 4 x250gm daily. Am sensitive to other antibiotics. Question is shall I now continue the course at 4x 250gm?
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Thanks for this question

No, I would not continue it. You could be having an allergic reaction and allergies to drugs can occur at any time.

I would avoid it

You do need a different antibiotic though.

I would try to get back in to the office or through on the phones. You need something else.

I would recommend azithromycin or levofloxacin. They would both work well.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Quite happy thank you but will not be if you continue to a e mail me requesting ratings and feed back etc. Used your service, paid upfront happy with answer,end of story.